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A' Banking We Will Go
by Antons

A recent ruby was being lead by yours truly (Antons), and all Medievians were invited as usual. A general link request for a dragonlair was issued on immortal as it usually is, and 27 people linked as normal. Antons was leading and Saevio was 2.leading a 3.leader hadn't yet been decided. Surgo was on his way to possibly lead 3.form but was stuck in Mello killing pirates.

The lair was about half full with about 15-20 people there when the 65/9ers in form started complaining about how long the lair was taking to fill, and they began leaving for various reasons. The thought of a possible bank had crossed my mind but as Saevio was 2.leading I thought there was no way in hell a bank was about to occur.

I could not have been more wrong. Saevio suddenly worded and went afk, as did the other 2 people I had on chat from 9town. An uneasy feeling came over me as I ran the lair but was almost to the dragon. I quickly ran down to the third floor trying not to clear the lair to well, imagining some blockers would get in the way of any bankers. We were on 3.lake when they started showing up. A full 2 forms of 9town people showing up on my lair, some of them the very same people that had earlier left "because the lair was taking to long to fill", and for other lame reasons.

The 2 forms called their targets over chat, and the original lair form members fell one by one like clockwork. 2 unknown people did manage to make it to the end of the lair and attack the dragon, which I thought was a freezable offence. Although the dragon had two deaths the timer had not yet started. Another 2 forms of people gathered and attacked the dragon, yet again the timer did not start. We were all wondering what kind of bug would allow the dragon to kill 23 people yet not be shared and the timer not started.

I rallied a full form of people and headed down to the dragon to share it as best we could at the time; since 9 had forgotten to share. As we entered the third floor the dragon was again attacked by 2 forms of 9ers, and this time shared. I transed my form and the dragonlair was called.


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