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Fun with Hellraider
by Ameha

The night had been unusually quiet. The many Transcendence clan members were each busy doing their own things when suddenly Scorchio died. No one really figured it was anything to be concerned about, so we all resumed our usually evening activities. Minutes passed and Scorchio was reunited with his body. A few moments passes before someone had asked him what had happened. Hellraider. The decision had been made. Hellraider was going to die.

We came by air and by portal. Our destination was Derah. Aermac, Radenmyer, Atrayus, Trixtax, Ruetar, Polox and I decided to take on the challenge of defeating this afar menace. We all gathered in the wilderness as we decided upon our strategy. Trixtax soon teleported from us to lure Hellraider away and we began our journey into CPK.

We entered CPK being lead by Aermac and soon encountered a fair number of zombies that resembled Scorchio. Each one was practice for the upcoming battle and was slain quickly. Once we reached the only cross within CPK, Aermac casted ‘Shield Room’. The demon trapped in with us began to die slowly, being deprived the fae magic needed to sustain it. The area around us became LPK once more with the death of the demon and we waited impatiently inside our shield room for Hellraider. Trixtax phased back and joint the original form for our final battle.

We walked through wilderness looking for our non-wanted guest. We walked east and Hellraider found us. The battle was on. Radenmyer and Trixtax let loose in a flurry of shockwaves to our not-so wanted afar friend and heals to our form while the melee began to quickly make work of Hellraider. Blow after blow was dealt. The final blow from my dagger dispatched Hellraider. We emerged a little battered and bruised but victorious, leaving the wilderness safe yet again for another day.


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