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July 19, 2008
The Dead Tree
by Aimonsorcio

On a remote island in the Sea of Sorrows is the fabled Temple of Bloodstone. Rumor has told of a powerful scroll hidden in a jewel encrusted egg high in a dead tree. Many adventurers have risked life and limb (no pun intended) to claim the prize at the top of the tree.

It was a cloudy spring day when Kylie and her band of miscreants decided that it would be a perfect day for ambushing an unsuspecting victim at the fabled dead tree. Hastily concealing themselves amongst the branches the prey awaited an unsuspecting victim. As chance should have it a once mighty hero known for his prowess in the hero battle arena had tempted his fate to gain the prized scroll. Kylie signalled for her comrades to hold until the exact right moment and then....Kylie leaped from behind a branch and tripped Surgo. Immediately Surgo was being overwhelmed by his stalkers. As Kylie whispered an incoherent spell and placed her hands on Surgo's flesh, his spirit was soon released from his body. While desecrating Surgo's body and taking anything of value, a band of Legionnaires were rushing to aid their fallen friend. Spotting the enemy approaching Koraxis and a few of the Righteous flanked the rush.

The echo of swords clashing reverberates off the black temple. The Righteous were awaiting the Outlaw Legion, like lions guarding their kill. Steel met steel as the two forces met at the base of the tree. Koraxis and his band charged into the melee from the east cutting down two Legionnaires. Undead trees and gorgons stayed their distance in fear of the intense battle taking place. A second wave of Legionnaires engaged in combat, but the outcome was looking grim.

As the last remnants of the Outlaw Legion fled to the safety of the Silver Shrine, Kylie and her band filled their packs with a variety of valuables. Precious weaponry, pristine armor and even rare clan heirlooms were the spoils of war. As Kylie was busy taking her share of the loots an envious ally decided that he wanted her share. Tyleste crept up behind Kylie and focused his energy into a single blast of magic that smote Kylie. Koraxis grabbed a bright red gem from his pocket and held it over the corpse of Kylie. Mumbling some incoherent words Kylie's body was bathed in a red light returning her to the realm of the living to once again relish in her greed.

The day was a rout and enough blood was spilt at the base of the dead tree that it actually started sprouting leaves. Nestled high in the boughs of the tree the jewelled egg was least for now.


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