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July 19, 2008
Adding Blood to the Sea
by Aimonsorcio

The fog was still thick as molasses at the Dark Woods. The normally quiet rock toads were croaking in unison. As quiet as mice Aimonsorcio and Llynalis snuck into the woods. A strategy had been formulated by Aimonsorcio and Uribam to spring a trap on the warring clan of the Outlaw Legion. Aimonsorcio and Llynalis hunkered down in the shadows of blue light. Magic was forbidden in the blue light making the location an ideal place for a fight. Member of the Inferno of Undying Wrath anxiously waited for the prey to take the bait. It was only a matter of minutes before Tyleste was spotted lurking in the woods. Aimonsorcio gestured to Llynalis to trip their victim on sight. Tyleste's silhouette could be seen in the blue haze as Llynalis jumped from his hiding place engaging Tyleste in combat. Aimonsorcio quickly followed up with a deftly delivered trip, making him fall to the ground.

A crash in the woods revealed that Tyleste had orchestrated his own entourage of combatants as they charged into battle to save their friend. It wasn't long before Aimonsorcio and Llynalis were overwhelmed with Outlaw Legionnaires. Hoping that their enemies would feel like they had the upper hand, Aimonsorcio shouted "GO GO GO." An onslaught of Inferno and Honor members rushed to aid their dying friends. Having spent several hours gathering the necessary weaponry for such a staged attack the members of Inferno and Honor were prepared to use an array of shurikens, throwing daggers, and even coconuts. It was not long before the Outlaw Legion started being pummelled by kicks and bashes. Many were slain by the initial counter rush. Fleeing for the safety of the woods to regroup the Inferno members started to search the corpses of their fallen foes for anything of value. Sensing that the time was right Tyleste had organized to strike again while his enemies were greedily stripping his comrades....however the Inferno was ready and waiting.

The second strike was just as devastating as the first. The battle raged for what seemed like an eternity. Each side delivering devastating kicks and throwing whatever they could get their hands on. Nearly forty combatants shrouded in a blue haze fought until drenched in blood. Many of the Legions perished but whether it was stubbornness or visions of glory they fought on. At last when nearly ten of their fellow legionnaires had been vanquished a retreated was sounded. The Inferno again filled their pockets with valuable spoils of war and prepared a large funeral pyre for their fallen foes. The blood from the day's battle flowed into the Great Blood Sea.


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