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August 23, 2008

An Act of Betrayal
by Aimonsorcio

Word had spread that there were villains hiding in the Dark Woods. I gathered my faithful troops. My previous hiatus seemed to have dropped the activity amongst the clan, so a mere eight loyal souls showed to mount the attack. Sensing that the danger was too great for us an alliance was struck with The Seventh Circle. My comrades and I charged into the woods to provoke a fight while the allies were hunkered down awaiting our call. The villains had apparently sensed something was stirring and vacated the premise.

Suddenly our allies appeared from behind some trees. We had little thought other than that they were bored with waiting. Xion and Duncus made quick gestures and their men ambushed us. The fight was on. The element of surprise had us in a state of panic ... but not for too long. Spells of teleportation and menthol potions were used to escape the treachery. In a fit of rage I called my men back to me. Makaveli was killed by the Seventh Circle only minutes after coming out of retirement.

Watching closely as two of the Circle members started to desecrate Makaveli's corpse, I mounted my assault. The attack was quick and devastating. Angered at being betrayed my men and I gave no quarter. Xion was quickly cut down, while his men who were so quick to betray were even quicker to teleport. Duncus recited a scroll on the body of Xion teleporting him into the wilderness. Unfortunately for Duncus a deft trip by Chronberry sealed his fate. As Duncus begged for forgiveness, a devastating backstab by Krid left nothing but a rotting corpse, and a lot of blood.

Somewhere, way up high, Vryce must have been chuckling to himself as those of evil were vanquished.


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