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December 28, 2009

A Slimy Day in the Neighborhood
by Templin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be slimed? Well I must say, it's worth it!

Today of all days, amazingly enough, I awoke to find a slimy trail across the main continent of Medievia, something that has not happened in a very long while. At its head, and the culprit behind all the flattened landscape, smashed trees, and corpses of unlucky animals, people, and monsters, lay a giant sea slug. Happily munching his way across half the known world, smashing or demolishing anything in his path, causing earthquakes with every little movement, he was totally oblivious to his impending doom. For gathering in the Clan town of Clan 100 a band of hearty adventurers donned armor, magicks and bravery, and set out to destroy this gargantuan beast.

Echoing from across the land, the great voice of the mighty god Vryce thundered out, "You guys can't kill that slug, its not killable"

The bravery of the heros gathering to attempt this deed were summed up by one response from Master Hero, Dragon Hunter, Lair Leader, and Serpent Hunter, Squire Liono the Knight Hero from clan 65, with a simple, "we got this no problem if we can gather three decent forms."

And so the race began, the band of heros trying to catch up to the slug, enter it, and kill as many baby slugs as possible, while the ignorant giant slug goes about his romp across country. Movement in a shaking, quaking, and churning, giant sea slug, is almost impossible. Your breath runs out, and you fall to the side and would be left for dead. With any other form leaders this would probably be the end of you, but with great planning, timely refreshes, we all made it to the head of the slug. After killing rooms containing sometimes 20 or more baby sea slugs fighting their way towards the entrance we just came in, we where tired, beat, and most half dead. When all was said and done, the babies killed, the end in sight, the battle of the Master Heros began, a quick race to see which of our Master Heros would mount, tame, and ultimatly kill this great beast. After a brief bout of being thrown off, tossed around, Standing up, jumping back on, it was finally decided, and what happened next was world shattering.

[CE] DM: Ghoti has taken control of the Giant Seaslug near El Cantara!

The DM bestowed upon you 127 hero points for your heroic deeds vs the Giant Seaslug!
An imp appears and hands you 3,017,217 gold coins for your heroic deeds vs the Giant Seaslug!

After the fights, the blood, the deaths, the screams and all the slime, we had won an epic battle, and proved that by teamwork, a little luck, and great people, you can do anything in the world of Medievia, even prove the great god Vryce wrong, once in awhile.

Some interesting facts about slugs.

Slugs load

A Twisted Ring of Slug 4dr 30hp 10 dodge prof.

Also a dc, and gold for everyone that comes.

Chat comes in handy, forms working together is key, no other way to do it without mass death.

When we attempted it there were this many people online, it was a bit of work, but we ended up 3 people short of 3 full forms, so call your friends, your clan or your town, get them all online before you try.

[115] Total players visible to you [45]MAG [33]THI [18]CLE [19]WAR


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