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August 11, 2009

A Clan On the Rocks, Almost
by Templin

I am back with another daring story of the high seas. Today I write to tell you of a horrible adventure, gone terribly wrong, yet saved at the last minute by daring adventurers. Today once again the Knights Templar have taken to the high seas of Medievia, new shippers learning to captain their own boats, and many of the new clan members along for the ride. S nagging meat from the high seas is no easy task anymore. If you ask Aisean he will tell you of grand adventures, killing serpents, saving sinking ships, and snagging serpent meat for the citizens of Medievia to eat. This delicacy coveted by the gods themselves.

On this particular day, two of the captains from the clan decided to take out their boats, to cause great tragedy and near drowning of many of the new clan members. On this fretful day, myself, Templin Lonewolf decided to go to hunting serpents on the ship Insolence, an old boat, that dances on the water, spinning circles around the slow serpents and pounding volley after volley of costly dartflinger rounds at the monsters of the deep. In the never ending quest for fae, that illusive element of magic, used for so many things in the world, this boat had held its own against most all serpents. The second boat, The Madness, a new boat, and captained by the Baroness Lyl, a new captain, did not fair so well, having chummed and killed several serpents, this wonderful adventure turned to tragedy very quickly.

"Oh no, I got rammed, I'm hurt bad, come to madness if you can and repair, I lost my Larboard guns" Lyl says over clan channel. Soon to be followed by several member including Aisean, Flaime, and Pode piping up with "On my way", "Coming", and the never changing "Be right there". Soon, the crippled ship is surrounded by a hazy blue aura of the spell Mermaids Blessing, and the dragons start landing. Pode, being the experienced captain that he is, soon took command of the crippled ship, sending the deckhands scrambling to repair, pump, and man what few guns are not mangled. While I myself, hearing of the damage, set a course that circled the damaged ship, keeping several serpents at bay. Very soon, with the help from the clan, and the newly hired deckhands the crippled ship is back in action. Chumming resumes, and the killing begins, however in all of confusion, both ships have somehow drifted into the deeper, dangerous waters of Medievia. And the next serpents to rise, are humongous, gigantic, and of course Violets, Captain Lyle's worst nightmare, and dreaded nemesis, having sunk more then one of her boats in the past.

Soon off in the distance, another boat is seen on the horizon, this one captained by Palladian, The Shadow Of Power joins the fight. What follows is a nightmare for the three boats, all being loaded down with dartflingers and in no way equipped to deal with this size of serpents. Round after round of magic missiles fly at these great beasts, slowly pounding their great lives lower and lower, closer to sinking into the depths as so much more meat for Aisean to snag. However in the midst of this epic battle, the Shadow Of Power gets rammed, damaged heavily.

Limping its way to the docks, the deckhands yelling calls of warning "Firemoths, Firemoths, we have Firemoths on board, they are eating the rigging." The cowering deckhands hide below decks, trying to avoid these fearsome beasts. Once again a call goes over the clan channel of The Knights Templar, this time myself, saying "Oh god, I'm out of ammo, Bella has Firemoths, I'm heading for docks, I might have enough to get there. Can you guys help her out on Shadow of Power". And yet again the greatest crew any captain could ask for, springs into action. Several flying over from both of our boats to help save this great ally of ours. With Several of these humongous serpents dying at the very docks of the port of Sea's End. Insolence, out of ammo, and fighting a terrible headwind, makes the docks. Soon to be followed by the damaged Shadow Of Power, infested with Firemoths. And last to come in, a watery death narrowly avoided comes Lyl with her boat, The Madness.

The moral of this story being that no matter how things start out, Medievia has surprises for us all, waiting around every corner, every wave in the ocean. But by banding together, there is no limit to what a clan, a form, or a group of adventurers, can do. Horrible drowning, sunken boats and a visit to Davy Jones's locker was avoided with the help of not only friends, clan members, but also total strangers. My clan thanks you Belladain, for your help and support, it truly was a grand adventure.


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