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February 19, 2012

A Tale of Cooperative Shipping
by Rainfox

On the Day of Justice, the first day of the Month of the Goddess' Death in the year 547, Zodac and Rainfox set off on their ships, The Savior of Chaos and Chaotic Neutral, respectively. Zodac had loaded his ship out with Boltthrowers, while Rainfox's ship was equipped with firecasters.

Since the Savior of Chaos had been docked at the G'Dangus docks, Zodac had to summon the aid of a seadragon and the two met up several miles south of the Sea's End docks. Working together, they quickly felled one serpent after another, of all different sizes. However, when they encountered a humongous ruby double hammer-headed whale with a barbed tail, things got more difficult. The Savior of Chaos engaged the beast, keeping its attention, while the Chaotic Neutral circled her in support, peppering the beast with volley after volley until finally it rolled over and died.

The trouble did not end there, though. The beast split, while there was yet other serpents present. The Chaotic Neutral ended up getting rammed a number of times and was set upon by Ruby Kah. The Savior of Chaos valiantly continued fighting the serpents and eventually managed to best them. In the mean time, the Chaotic Neutral had run into more trouble as Sea Termites had boarded her as well. Several people banded together and with Kah looming in the rigging, helped clear out the sea termite infestation. Unfortunately, it had spread abovedecks. Now faced with two sets of enemies, things were looking bad. Luckily, Emerald Kah took pity on the ship and arrived and captain Rainfox managed to summon them on board. Soon after another serpent surfaced alongside the ship and the racket from firing on it cleared the Ruby Kah off the ship. The remaining termites were mopped up and the business of serpenthunting could resume.

After a few hours, both ships were loaded with fae and in combat with a colossal emerald double sword-headed whale with a fanned tail and a gigantic ruby double sword-headed whale with triple dragon tails. The Savior of Chaos ended up taking a big hit, during which time the Chaotic Neutral managed to effectively demolish the colossal emerald. When the emerald died, it too split into babies, but more worryingly, the sky split with lightning and turned to blood. Khrait were coming, with a gigantic ruby still on the prowl. The two captains tried to kill off the ruby before the Khrait arrived, but their efforts proved unsuccesful.

The Khrait arrived with a strong force of six scout ships and set about pounding the two Man'O'Wars, who now had to juggle combat with these nimble, accurate fighters and the rampaging seadragon. Once again the Savior of Chaos got hit and the captains appealed for help, whcih was provided by fellow clanmembers, as well as members from town 6 and clans 22 and 13. The Savior of Chaos managed to grapple the Fsoin Jokar Si and through much effort, amidst flying bolts, magic missiles and fireballs, the ruby serpent was finally killed. But wait, there's more. It split as well. The babies managed to overwhelm the Chaotic Neutral, which would once again be home to Kah.

With most of the immortals on the Savior of Chaos, frantically repairing, pumping and firing, the remaining babies were dealt with and the Fsoin Jokar Si sunk. Chaotic Neutral's crew was also frantically repairing and trying to dodge the myriad of projectiles launched their way by the surrounding Khrait ships until finally they managed to grapple and sink the Tremerald Qu and rid the ship of Kah. With the threat of baby serpents eliminated, the Sillo Rowel Qu was dealt with quickly by the Chaotic Neutral, while the Savior of Chaos tackled the Gouili Wizerb Ty. When the Zu Honoron Ra finally sank after being severely damaged by the two ships, the threat posed by the Khrait had been dealt with and repairs could commence on both ships. Rainfox decided to turn the Chaotic Neutral north, towards the docks because he was running low on ammunition, while the Savior stayed behind.

On the way back in to port, during a firestorm, Rainfox managed to kill an enormous violet hammer-headed whale with double fanned tails, for good measure, before returning his ship to the docks with over seven million fae to add to the clan's stores. Unfortunately the Savior of Chaos was not so lucky and found itself boarded by Aquoderms, during a firestorm. A painful experience to be sure and perhaps a good story for another day, but this story of cooperative shipping did end on a good note. With the help of members of several different clans, it is proof that through cooperation, even the worst disasters can be averted in Medievia.


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