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December 19, 2010

What Medievia Means to Me
by Loreis

Three years ago, when I happened upon Medievia, I had never played a text game, I had never role played. I knew absolutely nothing about hit roll, damage roll, mana or armor class. I chose Warrior to start, and within a two days, I still had no idea what I was doing. I remember vividly standing in the hallway of Medievia Castle, trying to figure out why I couldn't kill anything, when a Hero named Sjif happened upon me. We began talking, and he explained what the Warrior class to me. Suddenly it all clicked, and I began amassing equipment that actually helped me, not just looked pretty. Sjif invited my friend Bludekyn and I to join his clan, The Iron Enclave, and that was the beginning of my adventures.

If you ever use Player Info to research a player, you may find people who have been in Medievia since the beginning. Find me another game that can say that-you won't. I exchange Christmas cards with my Medievian family, we chat by phone and email, and are on Facebook together. The people closest to me-Lorton, Kaynelor, Kirius, Mythala, Liana, Wasabion, Zuasha and, I am honored to say, Soleil-have been through some of the worst moments of my life with me, and have supported and loved me. When my mother passed away, I was amazed by the emails and phone calls from these wonderful people, just letting me know they were thinking of me.

When you first visit Medievia, you may think this is just another game. It's so much more. It's a place where Death has no hold on you, where you can write your own magnificent history, where adventurers become family. If you have had a bad day, come slaughter things-you'll feel much better. If you just need to chat, maybe get advice, ask your clan. I know people who have met and fallen in love in Medievia, and gotten married, not only in the Chapel here, but in real life. The possibilities are endless and they are real. When I met Bludekyn, she was a thief named Fritzen, she was sitting in the Donation Room, and she and I were still in Clan 50. That friendship has flourished and grown. Lorton? Well, he and I have been close for over two years, and even though we live literally on opposite sides of the world, we still manage to stay in touch. Zuasha has been, and will continue to be, one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I have ever met, and she is the perfect representative of Medievia for new players.

You find a name, you choose a class, you begin the Learn Module. Little do you know that you are beginning the most wonderful adventure, an adventure you design, and you are embarking on a journey that will introduce you to people you may be lucky enough to call life long friends. This is not just a game. It's an opportunity to be something you may have never been, it is a social network, it is a place to share ideas, and it is the perfect time to begin. You have never experienced anything like Medievia, and as 2011 approaches, I can say with certainty that it is only going to get more exciting, more challenging and more fun.

Medievia has given me so much-a chance to write again, friends, adventures the likes of which I have never experienced, and a new family. When my son turns fourteen, he wants to start a character in Medievia, and having a mom who is an Avatar could come in handy! And so it continues, generations wandering the roads and wildernesses, waving at cousins, husbands, wives and children. Real bloodlines meet Medievian bloodlines. This is what makes this place, this environment, this game, so very special and unique. Thank you, Medievia, for getting me through some of the hardest times of my life, and thanks to my friends and family who, when I was CPK-ed by eight Heroes, sat with me and replaced every single item I had lost. Thank you for the kindness, the love, the support, the laughter and even the tears. Do we have fancy graphics, a monthly fee or updates you have to download every few days? No, and that's a GOOD thing. In this age of laziness, where most only want to point and click, and have pretty pictures, Medievia offers an actual experience that makes you think. Speaking as someone who, three years ago, had never even heard of Medievia, I am constantly impressed by the level of player we attract, and the ease with which new players learn and advance.

Log in, bring a friend, stay awhile. Welcome to Medievia, where you may find love, you will certainly find friends, and you will experience things you will not experience anywhere else. And your typing skills will go through the ROOF.




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