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February 19, 2012

Angry Rabbits, Pickpockets and Exhausted Prisoners
by Loreis

Avatars are a fun bunch. We love our jobs, we love new players and some of us (me) know low level zones like the back of our hand. So when new players, or heroes who are playing their own bloodlines, and have forgotten the lower level zones ask, "Where is a good place to level?", I usually have a few answers.

The best way to find a level appropriate zone is by using the HELP suggested zones file. This help file is one of the most important in Medievia, in my opinion, because it lists zones for both solo and formation levels. But, if you just want a quick answer, ask an Avatar. Or read this article.

My favorite zone as a low level cleric is The Preserves. This is a forested area inhabited by some of the angriest rabbits I have ever seen. No cute Disney bunnies here, oh no, these rabbits will chew off your face. You will meet raccoons, opossums, a wily fox or two, and cave bears. Huge cave bears. Below the grassland live the fairies and their queen, all of whom you must encounter if you wish to complete the explore objectives for The Preserve. A fun zone to solo if you are at least a level 12 Cleric, and a great formation zone. Warriors with a slash mode can just run around, beheading rabbits whilst being healed by a gentle cleric.

If you want to try your hand at making a ton of gold without very much work, head to The City of Trellor, via any portal. Find the pickpockets (they're hidden, so sense life is necessary), and slay away. I made nine million gold in one trip. See, pickpockets steal gold from players, and if you wait long enough and the gods are smiling upon you, it can be an enormous payday. Granted, there may be a twinge of guilt when you realize you're technically taking other people's gold, but that goes away right quick when you buy the fae orb you need to level during bats. Grin.

The Ulhazzen Mines are another extremely fun zone, albeit CPK. But, it's level restricted, so Heroes cannot stalk a level 13 thief in Ulhazzen. The upper level is the prison, and the lower level is so dangerous that we shall not speak of it here. Shh. Seriously. The explores for both are worth a ton of experience points, and if you do it quickly, you run very little risk of actually being killed by another player. If you plan to try your hand at the explores, and need assistance, ask over Clan 50, or on the Adventure Channel the day BEFORE you make the attempt. Do not ask while you are in the zone. That's way too tempting for other low level players, and you prefer to be alone while sneaking around Ulhazzen.

If you are new to Medievia, or coming back after a long vacation, or a Hero playing your own bloodline, please visit the Help file on suggested zones, ask an Avatar for some ideas, and whenever possible, form up! The best way to learn Medieiva is with others, and the best way to make friends is to announce "XP form, 2 N Recall." Have fun, be safe and remember-bunnies are cute until someone loses an eye.



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