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August 11, 2009

Pride Goeth...I Wish
by Loreis

I love fae. I love fae orbs, fall ball, fae bats. It turns out that Liece loves fae, as well. She took a large chunk of her gold two days ago, and bought two fae orbs, hoping to compute the combination, or at least find someone who could! Luckily, Ordax had figured it out, after a little trial and error, and was happy to share it with Liece. She waited, patiently, for the fog that brings the fae bats out of their invisible realm, and into the wilderness surrounding the lands of Medievia.

Liece had been commenting (ok complaining) about how incredibly hard it was to level as a single Warrior. Rather than agree, Lerris and I chose to give her support and encouragement, all the while mailing equipment and transferring gold when we had a little extra. Now, when Liece left the gohome, we would roll our eyes, realizing that months, even years, might pass before Liece even made it to Cleric. We loved her, but what the HECK was she thinking? Mutter....

Sorry, where was I? Oh right...fae orb experience meets fae bats. Liece has really high damage roll. I think it's 64. So, when she hits, it hurts. Liece meandered out into the wilderness, held her fae orb high above her head, murmuring the combination, those three numbers that would give her one full hour of double experience. The fae orb glowed, and Liece suddenly felt stronger and more empowered.

"YES!" she yelled. 

Quaffing all her potions, and making sure she was surrounded by sanctuary, she began bashing fae bats. Liece told me later she was surprised to find out that fae bats have knees, since they are basically...well...fae. Liece has mastered the third attack as well, and enjoyed bashing once, and just watching as the fae bats fell to her mighty Warrior-ness (I know). She had already received both medals for killing these mobs, so this round was just for the level. As Liece marched further away from Medievia city, she realized that she was getting over 500k experience per bat, sometimes almost 1 million. Down by the docks, Liece received 1.1 million experience points with the death of just one fae bat. She glanced at her statistics: she had amassed over 65k on fae, and only had 3 million left to get to level 27. Fingers crossed, she began the trek back to Medievia, hoping to meet enough bats to accomplish her goal.

Liece found three bats in a room, and switched over to her "slash" mode, which includes a seriously wicked acid hammer. Closing her eyes, she sent a silent prayer to the Gods, and swung that powerful hammer around her head. It smashed into all three bats, and began pouring acid into their fae eyes and on their fae skin. Liece kept swinging, and finally, after letting out little fae screams, all three bats lay dead at her feet. AND....she had reached level 27!

Liece pounced on me in our gohome, and with great pride, told me this story. I was so proud of her, and in the back of my mind, there was a nagging wisp of a thought; a memory of something. Suddenly it came to me. Liece had beaten her own mother, Lerris, by achieving both fae bat medals not only before level 27, but before her second class. An evil grin alighted upon my face, and I shared this tidbit with Liece.

"Oooooo....I totally upstaged my mom!"

Yes, it's not nice to feel pride at being better than the previous generation, we know that. But this is how our family is-we see each other as competition. We love each other, and we take care of one another, but there's always that moment when we do something earlier, or faster, or better than the one before. Liece is now the fae bat queen of our family, and she is extremely proud of herself. Extremely. As in obnoxiously so. I wonder how much trouble I would get in if PK-ed my own bloodline. Just once!? Never mind...



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