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September 26, 2010

Must Stab!
by Loreis

It's always a surprise to tumble into Medievia Square and find numerous Heroes, resting, in various stages of injury, all with "BLOOD" next to their names. Zocuten, Zeon, Torak, Smurgle and Andreb seemed to be glancing at one another too often to just be curious, plus they were peering around innocently, which is never good. I was frozen in my spot, anticipating murder and mayhem, when Whitefox asked, in a delightfully sincere tone,

"Can't we all just get along? *sniff*"

Chayandria replied, "No". Zeon bellowed "NEVA! I MUST STAB!", at which point Andreb, who's clantitle is "Stabs Like A Girl", chuckled while trying (not very subtly, I might add) to discover Zeon's current health. Looking around, I simply asked "This is Sparta?"

"I AM BEOWULF!" Zeon screamed, and promptly zipped off, searching for Zocuten. There were a few tense moments as Zeon, Zocuten, Andreb and Torak dashed off in all different directions, obviously trying to kill one another, but since they kept fleeing from the fountain, all the spectators heard was the dying gasp of some poor creature, without being able to identify said creature. Could have been two merchants and horse for all we knew.

Smurgle began to switch modes, much to Whitefox's amusement, because as Smurgle was choosing equipment, Whitefox glanced at him, and poetically stated,

"Ew." Smurgle sighed, continuing to try and find a better mode.

"A half nekked Smurgle is never a good thing", Whitefox added, watching the equipment get pulled out of containers, rejected and shoved back in. Smurgle muttered, and disappeared into the portal, leaving Whitefox, Chayandria and I waiting for the next event. Luckily, we did not have that long to wait. Suddenly, Torak appeared, asking for a few heals. As we cast him back to health, Zocuten appeared, seemingly out of thin air and grabbed hold of Torak. The square resounded with screams of pain, frustration and anger as the Heroes continued to battle. As I left to drop some orbs in our gohome, I could not help but remember a time, a few years ago, when I had just started adventuring in Medievia. On the open channel, and on "shout", there came a call to arms-"Rumble by the fountain!" There had to be 30 Heroes, stabbing, casting, fleeing, slashing, bashing, kicking, tripping, was amazing to watch.

There had not been a "rumble" in Medievia Square for a while, and it was nice to see. I do wish I could have seen Andreb's stab-he nuked me once in Hero battle with a HUGE maledection, and I would like to have known if he really stabs like a girl. We also hope that Smurgle finds equipment so Whitefox when next they meet will not have any reason to say "Ew."




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