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December 19, 2010

How you know it's Halloween in Medievia
by Loreis

Well, another Halloween has come and gone here in Medievia, and I have compiled a little list of signs you know we are celebrating this fun holiday. Here goes.

1) As you maneuver your way through the Catacombs, you bump into no less than seven metamorphs, several of them giggling.

2) An evil lich asks Death "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?", and Death slaps said lich, and says "DUH."

3) A certain goddess has a poem mounted on the wall in her office, which clearly states the Holiday Auto Quests should be enough,and if you trick or treat anywhere near her, something truly awful will happen.

4) A mourning unicorn gazes at you with tear-filled eyes, and murmurs "Are you selling eggs?"

5) Even Rocky has a costume. He was a fish.

6) King Claiborne is spotted in the courtyard, eating a sandwich and arguing about herobattles.

7) You trip over other people wandering the Halls of the Gods, all looking for Vryce, hoping he will give out a god gift for Halloween. Ok, that may have been just me.

8) Every few minutes, an undead Hero shuffles into the altar of Medievia, thanks to a horrific "something" in the tree house that paralyzes you, then kills you over and over again.

9) Echo log resounds with news of unsuspecting people being tricked by the Mistress of Halloween.

10) There are bat cookie and witch cookie crumbs all over the place, along with string and seeds from the sanctuary pumpkins. Feel sorry for the janitors yet?

So there you go. Halloween is a lot of fun, and a great time is always had. Costumes were really original this year, I was impressed. I got my popcorn ball and cookies, and Soleil dropped her amazing god gifts of equipment, mints and chocolates. Missed the Melq Duds, but they always cause a bit of a weight gain. All in all, another fabulous Halloween, thanks to the staff and players of Medievia. Can't wait for Christmas!





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