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September 26, 2010

Enclaves are Here!
by Loreis

Recently, Vryce announced he was introducing a new feature into Medievia: Enclaves. Enclaves are groups of Heroes who have mastered one or more facets of the game. Feel so confident Under Ocean that you are growing gills? Can you lead a trade run from Karlisna to Trellor with your eyes closed? Are you a "speed comber", amassing huge amounts of catacomb eggs in very little time? Maybe you know each equipment zone so well, you can lead forms and clear the zone in less time than it takes to get there in the first place? Then you, yes YOU should contact Vryce about becoming part of an Enclave. Heroes in Enclaves will have their own channel, and will help Vryce as he brings Medievia closer and closer to perfection. Politicians are automatically members of the Enclave channel, so if, perhaps you have political aspirations, this may be the time to explore that avenue.

I am honored to be an Enclave member. Yes, there's a flag and a medal, but for those of you that know me, neither of those things mean a lot. What means the most is the chance to help build, to help change and to show the world how truly amazing Medieiva is. No graphics needed, no bright lights wanted. Medievians are a special breed apart-we're family. Find another game where people feel like that. And now, with Enclaves, we are growing as a family, as Heroes and as Medievians. This is a magical time, and I for one am extremely excited about the changes coming, the new aspects of the game, and the new ways Vryce is increasing player involvement in the workings of Medievia. Thank you, Vryce, for yet another unique and truly fascinating change to an already superlative experience. I know I speak for all the Enclave Heroes when I say thank you, and we are all looking forward to working with you and taking Medievia to the next level.




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