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December 19, 2010

Death by Rock
by Loreis

Silence. I knew he was there, but I had fled so far that I could no longer sense him. I shielded the room and collapsed, my back covered in blood. As my mana quickly came back to maximum levels, I waited, listening for his tell tale footsteps. Nothing. I clambered to my feet, and whispered,

"Use dagger east".

A blinding pain surrounded my skull as a bloodied dagger impaled me, allowing my sight to travel farther than normal to the east. A bear, a cave weed, but he was not there. I sighed, and whispered again, this time directing my sight to the west. There. A small, grinning man, aura reddened by evil. I had found the sludge mephit.

Sneaking and invisible, I tip toed into the room. I had to be quick, or he would be drive that shadowy dagger into my spine again. Shielding this room, I blinded him with sprays of color, surrounded him with fairie fire, and began my assault. Somehow, he managed to disarm me, sending my athame winging out of my hand. I swore, rearmed, and continued casting shockwave after shockwave. The mephit growled, tripping me, and as I struggled to my feet, my vision blurred, and I was dropped into a long hallway, next to a draconet. I had healed myself, and thus was lagging a bit, so my last shockwave was not cast upon the mephit, but upon the draconet. I fled, sneaking and casting invisibility upon myself, trying to avoid any further harm. I was in The Coil, a hidden place deep within the Catacombs, laden with dropped eggs and deadly beasts. Quietly, I made my way through the maze, picking up eggs as I wandered. When I had collected as many eggs as I could find, I murmured "leave" and was transported back to the room I had left only a few minutes earlier. So intent was I on slaughtering the mephit, I failed to notice the protective room shield had dropped.

He was still deeply wounded, and could not move quickly enough to stab me before I was able to begin the onslaught of shockwaves. I was not at full health, or even close, but I knew if I could just get in two or three more attacks, I would be triumphant, and an ore-filled tunnel lay just one room to the west, a room where I could rest and bring my mana back to full very quickly. The mephit clung. I cast cure critical on myself, and prepared for my last shockwave, failing to hear the fanged maelbreath loping up behind me. As I attacked the mephit, the maelbreath was joined by a banshee and suddenly, I was in a fight for my very life. The mephit fell, and I took thirteen eggs from his warm corpse, all the while ducking and dodging the maelbreath and banshee. I fled, but went east instead of west, where upon I was tangled in the tendrils of a cave weed. I healed myself, trying to get free of the weed, trying to work my way back towards the tunnel of ore. I heard the cracking above me, and as I glanced up, a huge piece of cave wall crashed down upon my head and neck. I collapsed, unable to move, unable to heal, unable to keep my tenuous hold on life. I died, there, tangled in a cave weed, a ton of rock upon my head.

My undead corpse now wandered the wilderness, seeking an altar at which to pray and bring life back into my aching body. I finally stumbled into a rustic church, and praying at the feet of a quiet monk, was granted life again. Sighing, I made certain I was in my "mana mode", and gingerly rose to my feet, casting spells and healing myself. I asked the egg imp to give me my total, hoping it was not too pathetic. He checked his log, and glancing at me through his wire rimmed glasses, said


Coupled with the 404 I had lugged out of Catacombs earlier in the day, it was not a bad total. Especially when you include the death by rock.

I sprinted out into the wilderness, and Recalled back into the City of Medievia. Dashing up and up into the War Room, I filled all my eggs, and brought my total to almost ten thousand. I used four hundred to breathe a bit more life into two pieces of equipment, and cast word, flopping down by the fountain. I drank the rich egg nog, feeling the warmth begin to return to my very soul.

All in all, a typical day in the Catacombs of Medievia. A good amount of eggs, a few sanctuary orbs, two autoquest scrolls, a shadowy dagger for Haven Donation Room, and a permanent scar on my forehead to remind me that although I can slay almost anything in Catacombs, sometimes, it's the little things I need to watch out for.

Loreis-Rock On (and out)



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