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August 11, 2009

Heros And Friends
by Templin

  Welcome Medievians,

I am taking the time to write to you today about the joys and tragedies that happen to one and all of us around this small world which we all choose to share. In recent days, with our current player base, friendships and enmity abound. With people forming everyday, trying new features, or running lairs or equipment, a common trend is forming. Good clans and better friendships have become paramount. Every one of us knows that a form made 2 north of recall has just as much chance at self destruction, as succeeding in what it sets out to accomplish. However the new explore feature brings a new element of sharing and knowledge into those old Med forms. All of us, in completing one exploration serves to bring us closer together, through the very form we make to go on explores. If not serving to bring us together, even neutral player kill and chaotic player kill, teaches us valuable lessons in teamwork, group involvement, and how to succeed in what we set out to do.

Many of the very things that make Medievia special to us all, can be directly linked to the friendships and enmities formed during our first days of playing. A neutral or chaotic player kill form sitting and waiting for that unlucky adventurer, a lowly ship captain battling serpents with a loyal crew of clan members, or the infamous wagon train surrounded by mob factions of all kinds, all serve to bring a sense of adventure unparalleled in any other mud I have seen. Rivalries abound, enemies stalking each other, waiting for the perfect time to ambush each other, adds fun and excitement to our world. However for all the fun and excitement this also brings an element of distrust and sometimes hatred from people, which is not bad, simply part of the game . However, new players seeing this are a little put out, and disillusioned with the fighting and general bad attitudes this brings to the game. We all play for different reasons, yet in recent years comments, attitudes and general treatment of each other seems to have fallen to an all time low. Fights and arguments, comments and gestures, we as hero's or more experienced players make, really does not show well of us.

We all play the game for our own reasons, for fun, a sense of a great ever changing world, or simply to see and visit our friends, or to be the best at our respective fields of interest. But we must remember that for every friend or enemy we have now, there are every day, new players joining the mud. Who will, if they can, also bring with them their friends. With our new re-opening on the horizon, it becomes even more important that we get along, or at least make an effort to keep our bitterness or upset off of public channels, where these new players can see it. We have all tried that new mud, trying to learn the commands, to make sense of all the rolling lines of text, and we can remember how hard it was. With the new player additions and the explore module, we are expanding. But lately we have been showing rather poor attitudes over chat, shout, and most all public channels. This is not needed in the game that we all like.

This show of unrest, can be because of a lot of things, frustration, anger, or just simply someone having a bad day. Yet, we all must keep in mind, that we play for fun, it is a game, and new people do see and listen to us. Its part of learning and part of teaching, that we as the hero's and founders, are teaching our new player friends. You can win a million thanks, just by showing a new player somewhere to explore, or you can forever turn them off of the game, with just a rude comment. So while you are playing, keep in mind, that whether you know it or not, there are people watching you, looking up to you, and learning from you. Medievia is a great game, and in the future I only see it getting much better, but we must remember that is is a game, where others are watching and learning from you. Lets show the new players what it is to be the true hero's that they are looking for. Instead of player killing that new player form, try giving them a hand, often you will get surprising results, and maybe make some new friends.


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