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August 11, 2009

The Best Job in Medievia
by Loreis

I love being an Avatar. I have been an Avatar, on two characters, for almost two years. It's fun, exciting, educational, and there is a sense of joy when someone you helped in Clan 50 becomes a Hero. There are occasions when helping new players can be fairly humorous, however, not because of the new player, but because of circumstances within your control. Or not so much!

Members of Clan 50 do, on occasion, meet their demise, and depending on the location, can be resurrected by an Avatar. And, sometimes, there are a few more Avatars than clan members on, and there have been times when a clannie dies, and suddenly five Avatars appear to bring this player back to life. A quick game of rock-paper-scissors chooses the lucky Hero, and the player rises to battle on. I have started to wander Crime Underground, looking for containers and equipment to donate to Haven, only to find three other Avatars who had the exact same idea! The group of Heroes who have given up their Hero flag, and have devoted themselves to helping new players, are truly dedicated, and we have an awful lot of fun!

Regarding phasing new players upon death. I usually keep up with the weather, using that command frequently, making certain I am not meandering out into a wasp storm or a Citadel. Unfortunately, in my desire to be of assistance to low level players, I sometimes forget. Exuberance wins out over common sense, and with me, that never ends well. I have been known to phase a new player, and wind up in the middle of a tornado, or my personal favorite, a hurricane. Many times, I have been blown into trees, or walls, or even squirrels, simply because I did not use the "WEATHER" command before I phased a dead new player. And when I am laying on the ground, dead, with a tree limb through my head, all I can think is how truly embarrassing. The new player's undead corpse rises from the ground, looks at me, and I know, deep down, there is giggling going on.

Being an Avatar comes with responsibilities, and we all take those very seriously. Approving names, helping with equipment, teaching zones, taking clannies on trade runs, even running through the Catacombs-it's all in a day of being an Avatar. Much like parenting, Avatars need patience, the ability to change focus at a moments notice, and to be in three places at the same time. There are players who are happy just dashing around, killing everything in sight, learning as they go, and there are players with great intellectual curiosity, with questions that are though provoking and challenging. There are bloodline members, new players, old players just coming back into Medievia, and just about everything in between.

I have been teased for being an Avatar, told that the only reason we do this is for the Avatar flag. That is a bunch of hooey. Take the flag away, and I guarantee, most of us would keep right on being Avatars. I know I would. Sometimes, over Chat, I'll hear someone say Avatars don't do anything important, we just approve names. Bosh. Avatars are representatives of Medievia; we are the first people new players meet, the first people who help them. We have strict guidelines regarding our conduct, our communications and our behavior, precisely because of our contact with new players. Is being an Avatar hard work? Yes-many things are expected of us, we have our own HELP files, we have to behave better than the average player. But it is also so much fun. When the New Player department throws parties, we are in the chosen zone, cheering, resurrecting, giving hints, and having a fabulous time. When a new player levels out of Clan 50, I will often send balloons or flowers, and a note reminding that player that no matter their level, if they need help, they can always ask, and I know numerous other Avatars who do the same thing. We are a family, we Avatars, and we support not only members of Clan 50, and the Gods, but each other.

Medievia is changing, and Avatars are growing and changing right along with it. The number of new players is increasing, and will continue to increase as Vryce continues to mold our world. I cannot remember a more exciting time to be an Avatar, and I know it will only get better. And I can't wait!



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