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December 28, 2009

Reclassing for Dummies
by Belladain

I had been saving the gold up for months and I couldn't stop typing in to see them.

(4) a smallish brass coin

My destiny awaited at the top of Mt. Vryce where, after finding the elven merchant and purchasing my adamantite coin, I would be re-classing for the first time ever.

I have to admit...I was nervous.  I had been a Mage Hero for as long as I could remember and not since my second class had I been a thief.  I remember how fun it was to sneak around backstabbing monsters, but now I would be backstabbing people in quests and across the bitter landscape while I tried to earn myself a name in the harsh, unforgiving world of Medievia.

Nervous? I may have even been a little scared......

I made my way up Mt. Vryce, my resolve hardening with each step I took until finally....the cube.....and........the button.

My finger trembled as I extended it towards the button.  Inches from pushing it and I froze......stuck in reflection of all the times casting shockwaves and laughing at those hapless fools who attempted to stab me, only to be deflected into the emerald aura of my manashield while fire licked at their pink flesh in response to the subverted damage.  Figures turned into glittering particles of nothing as I unleashed the black death of Malediction!  All this flashed through my head






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