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December 30, 2009

by Belladain

The development of Medievia into a living world continues. Clan leaders and selected members with privileges can now landscape the area around their towns. Currently this is mostly a beautification process and will not affect much more than whether or not the room is NPK. Most towns are out of the way and whether or not they are NPK will not make much of a difference, however, certain towns close to zones that may be frequently used as staging areas and phase points could potentially lead the clans having to rearrange their navigation to select zones. I do not foresee this being a problem however and the flavor that individualizing town land will bring to the game will be very interesting to see.

Clans can make their land an arctic waste, a grassland full of life, or a desert burning in the sun. The choice is yours and clearly the landscaping around a town will in the future have a much greater effect in the world.

For those who frequent town 20 I would suggest you take a few seconds out of your trip and cast wizard eye in the general locale. With the new landscaping feature one of Meds many creative minds has taken a liking of art.

Using the circle of land around the Lords of Discipline Clan Town, these aspiring artists have created two fish near some docks with what appears to be a structure beneath them. Some have theorized it is a castle and the fish are in a giant fish bowl. The two rivers encircling the giant fish seem to support this assertion.

I will hopefully track down the artists in due time and find out for sure...inquiring minds......


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