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December 30, 2009

Very Bad Things
by Belladain

Sweet nectar of victory.

The fresh blood of their fallen enemies glistening off the torchlight of the Fire Giants Keep, the Rise of Mayhem clan fought back fits of girlish giggling as they began to loot the quickly bloating corpse of Onir of all his valuable possessions

Supreme in their arrogance, or some would say ignorance, they blithely ignored the growing forces of The Seventh Circle arrayed against them. Seething with the burning promise of vengeance, the battle cry of The Seventh Circle pierced the dank, fetid air of the cave leading up to the lair of the giants.

The ringing of cold death echoed through the darkened halls as the Circle approached the scene of carnage. Looming ahead the vast doorway leading into the corridors of the keep.

Sanctified in blood by countless battles past, the dead spirits wailed in terror as Tarasar and Gilathilm, distracted by the momentary glee of stolen treasure, were stunned by the unsheathed blades of Aadain and Xion biting deep into their flesh.

Momentarily, the cold steels never ending thirst for blood was sated......the Circles desire for vengeance far from it.......

Ever confident and ever greedy Bashuu makes the critical mistake of assuming the desire for vengeance would be quenched and his pockets further lined as he selfishly looks at the newcomers, deciding which treasures he would loot first when the battle was completed.

Seconds later, without casting a single spell or landing a single blow with his weapon, the ever pragmatic Bashuu takes his leave of the battle.

Leaving Gilathilm, Karnox and others to fight a losing battle he wished no part of.

Could his participation have swayed the outcome into Mayhems favor?

Who's to say?

This is not the first time Bashuu has left his allies in the heat of an undecided battle, nor will it likely be the last.

Long life and riches to those devious enough to avoid a possible losing fight, yet his allies remain loyal after he has clearly deserted and betrayed them.

With Bashuu's exit, those left put up a gallant struggle.

Karnox, Gilathilm, Tarasar, 2.Ojom and other fought valiantly but without the assistance of Bashuu , Tarasar quickly fell in a strangled gasp of frothy blood.

A very short time later the strangely high pitched death cry of Sekieli could be heard along with the final gasp of Gilathilm as the spark of life was stolen from him.

The following is a list of loots:

the robe of the Arch Magi - Lev(26) Loc(about) mana(58) ss(-2) Cond(any day - Egged - black (HR) - 62 Days)

a dragon ranger's cape and hood - Lev(0) Loc(about) nodrop nostore clan con(4) Cond(pristine - Infinity Days)

the mystical jeweled ring of Shangri La - Lev(27) Loc(fing) AC-ap(5) AW AT AC nodrop mana(56) SKL/SPL: Shockwave (proficiency +6%) Cond(worn down - Egged - fnt grn - 135 Days)

flowstone gloves - Lev(24) Loc(hands) AT AW AC-ap(5) AE nodrop no-auction mana(67) infmage(1) Cond(worn down - Egged - black (HR) - 164 Days)

a portable hole - Lev(0) Loc(hold) nodrop nostore Cond(nodet - Infinity Days)

a fire-diamond ring - Lev(29) Loc(fing) nodrop mana(26) hps(30) Cond(fair - 100 Days)

Shamesh's magical armor - Lev(27) Loc(body) AC-ap(15) NoBits mana(59) srod(-3) dr(-2) Cond(ending - Egged - br grn - 48 Days)

a moonstone bracer - Lev(22) Loc(wrist) nodrop int(2) mana(56) Cond(worn down - Egged - fnt grn - 163 Days)

a crystalline eye of foresight - Lev(29) Loc(head) AC-ap(0) nodrop nostore no-auction hps(30) mana(14) Cond(ending - 30 Days)

the severed head of a smiling donkey - Lev(23) Loc(head) AC-ap(6) nodrop nostore clan mana(51) hr(4) Affects(REP_ROOT ) Cond(ending - Egged - black (HR) - 80 Days)

a tiny doll resembling Physicon - Lev(26) Loc(hold) AC AT AW AE nodrop nostore hps(20) mana(40) mana(42) Cond(worn - Egged - fnt grn - 154 Days)

Maelstrom Flight Rage of the Archer - Lev(30) Loc(wield) 2H 3d3 missile by 2.5 NoBits hr(20) hps(60) Cond(pristine - Infinity Days)

the ring of winter's wrath - Lev(25) Loc(fing) nodrop  no-auction mana(31) hps(21) Cond(good - 125 Days)

the ring of winter's wrath - Lev(25) Loc(fing) nodrop mana(27) hps(17) Cond(pristine - Infinity Days)

red arm-flukes - Lev(28) Loc(arms) AC AW AW AC nodrop armor(-52) mana(63) Cond(scratched - Egged - br grn - 169 Days)

a banded ring - Lev(26) Loc(fing) nodrop mana(58) age(16) Cond(any day - Egged - black (HR) - 70 Days)

a dragon crystal - Lev(0) Loc(None) NoBits Cond(pristine - 185 Days)

an authentic replica pair of demon's horns - Lev(28) Loc(head) AC-ap(0) nodrop clan hps(20) mana(20) Cond(pristine - Infinity Days)

the icy sphere of retribution - Lev(30) Loc(hold) AC AT AW NoBits hps(-103) hps(-51) SKL/SPL: Shockwave (proficiency +10%) Cond(ending - Egged - flk grn- 119 Days)

the mystical jeweled ring of Shangri La - Lev(30) Loc(fing) AC-ap(5) AW AT AC nodrop mana(55) SKL/SPL: Shockwave (proficiency +5%) Cond(ending - Egged -black (HR) - 93 Days)

the nemesis ring - Lev(28) Loc(fing) AM AC AG dr(3) dr(3) Cond(worn - Egged - br grn - 123 Days)

the nemesis ring - Lev(28) Loc(fing) AM AC AG nodrop dr(3) dr(3) Cond(any day - Egged - black (HR) - 58 Days)

the veil of a dark slayer - Lev(23) Loc(head) AC-ap(0) nostore hps(6) dr(4) Cond(ending - Egged - br grn - 67 Days)

a wristplate fashioned from a mithril and titanium alloy - Lev(29) Loc(wrist) AM AC AT AC-ap(5) AG AE hr(7) dr(2) Cond(worn down - 51 Days)

the Creese of the Chiroptera - Lev(28) Loc(wield) AM AC BSER 9d4 AG AE nodrop nostore hps(22) dr(5) Cond(any day - Egged - fnt grn - 51 Days)

a black tabard embroidered with a crimson dragon on the right breast - Lev(25) Loc(about) AM AC AC-ap(5) NoBits hr(6) ss(-2) Cond(ending - Egged - br grn - 48 Days)

a bloodied silver dragon scale - Lev(26) Loc(light) AG AE nostore dr(3) hr(3) Cond(ending - Egged - br grn - 29 Days)

a green shield inscribed with the symbol of the Mellorian Citadel - Lev(27) Loc(shield) AM AC AC-ap(15) NoBits hr(1) dr(5) Cond(scratched - 91 Days)

Salirian war drums - Lev(27) Loc(hold) AM AC AG AE nodrop hr(4) dr(5) Cond(ending - Egged - fnt grn - 53 Days)

Djavul's helm - Lev(26) Loc(head) AM AC AG AE AM AC dr(5) hps(21) dex(0) str(0) Cond(any day - Egged - br grn - 31 Days)

the veil of a dark slayer - Lev(22) Loc(head) AC-ap(0) nodrop nostore hps(9) dr(3) Cond(pristine - Infinity Days)

a pair of solid brimstone boots - Lev(30) Loc(feet) AM AC AT AC-ap(5) nodrop dr(3) hr(5) Cond(any day - Egged - fnt grn - 34 Days)

Vemyr's elbow-length black gloves - Lev(27) Loc(hands) AM AC AE AM AC hr(2) dr(5) Cond(good - 113 Days)

a demon hide - Lev(28) Loc(about) AC-ap(2) AG dr(5) armor(-11) Cond(any day - Egged - fnt grn - 42 Days)

the dragonscale belt of Neumanaga - Lev(23) Loc(waist) AC-ap(3)hr(6) ss(-3) Cond(worn - 64 Days)

the dragonscale belt of Neumanaga - Lev(22) Loc(waist) AC-ap(3)nodrop hr(5) ss(-2) Cond(pristine - Infinity Days)

heavy leggings woven from thick thorny fibers - Lev(26) Loc(legs) AM AC AT AC-ap(8) AG AE nodrop dr(4) mana(35) Cond(ending - Egged - br grn - 48 Days)


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