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October 4, 2009

The Return of the Ruby Dragonlairs
by Antons

It was 2:01 am, on the Day of Sacrifice. The 18th Day of the Month of Trellor's Founding, Year 545. We had been given about two hour notice that the system would be going down briefly for a restart. To our surprise a ruby dragon was on the dragon list after the reset. Normally on a reset we would run scales and then start to find eq zones not already being ran, but over the past year or so ruby dragons had became rarer and rarer, their price reaching nearly 200 million coins. So I headed to Dark Woods with my trusty mule, accompanied by Frast and Lorakiss. Crystal spiders, then wolves, then centaur bandits, and spiders again, and again. Over the next several hours I had popped probably 30 mob-factions, but had not yet found the baby ruby map. I was getting tired it was 5am, and I had just decided to go to bed when across the town channel the words, Iceblood: 'RUBY MAP', caught my attention.

Liono and I (Antons) decided it would be better to wait for more people to get online and we scheduled the lair for 7am. By the time Liono got the second form together I was already well on my way to the third lake, and the rest of the lair would be a breeze. That is until it reached the Clan town. It fled to clan town 30 which has probably 30 outdoor rooms scattered all over the place randomly. It would end up taking us almost the entire time allowed to beat the dragon, but it eventually gave in to Ororuque's magical fireball, and so the corpse of Byrsagvau, the ruby dragon lied there rotting.



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