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February 1, 2011

Medievia's 20th Anniversary!!

In-Game NEWS re-posted by Soleil

Announcement - February 1, 2011

Twenty years ago, Medievia opened its virtual doors and a legacy was born.

Over the years, Medievia has grown and evolved along with its players, introducing exciting and groundbreaking new features and bidding a fond farewell to comfortable old traditions whose times have passed. Thousands of people have found friendship and family within the lines of text, forging bonds that will last forever. This week, we celebrate these things, even as we plunge into a future about which nothing is certain, except that the growth and evolution will continue.


To celebrate, we have come up with many things that represent the best and most exciting parts of the game.


There are two types of ship events: races and battles. Gods will run these events based on player interest. There are several new medals to be won! For races, we need to know:

  • What the entry fee should be. This can be between 1 million and 1 billion gold. All gold goes in the pot, and will be distributed among the winners at the end of the race.
  • The X and Y coordinates of the starting point. The 20 x 20 area around this point must be all ocean.
  • What the destination dock is. Docking at the destination marks the finish of the race.
  • What direction the ships should be facing at the starting point.
For ship battles, participants will be placed on ships near each other. You will incur damage if you stray too far from the starting coordinates. The winner is the last ship floating!

Watch for an announcement about a big regatta (with big winnings) in the next few days.

More information can be found in HELP SHIP EVENT.


Double experience has been turned on and will remain on all week long! It will end sometime next Tuesday. Happy adventuring!


Special items have been created specifically to help celebrate our anniversary and will be rained periodically throughout the week. We hope you have as much fun finding and using them as we did creating them!

Gods will also be running zone parties where more special items can be found. These events will be announced as they occur, so keep your eyes peeled! Although zone parties are normally thrown for new players, this week we will be holding them for more experienced players in more advanced zones, as well. HELP NPARTY for more information, but expect some variations for parties thrown for higher-level players.


Champagne has been placed in the fountains around Medievia! Please drink responsibly - don't CPK drunk!


A celebration area has been set up within Castle Medievia. Duck through the waterfall in the overgrown courtyard of the castle to gain access! Special commemorative items will be available for founders - all players of total level 26 or higher. Spend some time taking in the sights and reminiscing with old friends!


We are so excited to have reached this amazing milestone with you all. You are truly our lifeblood and we are grateful for you. This week, consider bringing your friends and family to join us - there's no better time to get started!

Here's to the next twenty years - may they be as full of HOPE, LOVE, and MAGIC as the first twenty!

- The Medievia Staff

News - January 28, 2011

This Tuesday (February 1, 2011) is Medievia's 20th anniversary. We will have a full week long celebration!

Double Experience all week!

The Founders get set for all time!!

The Story continues!!!!

Everyone who logs in for the week gets a special gift or medal ( we are still deciding ).

We will have some fae crab bounties where crabs are worth more exp and fae than usual and the ship with the biggest take wins prizes.

There will be scrapple and trivia quests, etc.

There will be a Giant Seaslug.

There will be Hellraider invasions.

There will be freak solar eclipses and new moons triggering giant fae clams.

There will be new ship races and ship battles. For a fee any player can enter these ship races and battles. This is a new module that will then forever be utilized.

For the race you do a SHIP EVENT ENROLL and the game takes the entry fee from you and places you on a new temporary sloop that is lined up with everyone else and ready to go with deckhands, guns, ammo, fae, sails set, etc. The destination will be a dock, the first to dock there wins. The top 3 finishers split the pot of gold filled by the entry fees. Some of these races will be passive with no shooting, others will allow shooting each other. The ships are destroyed when you dock or when a god ends the race. For the ship battle you do a SHIP EVENT ENROLL and the game takes the entry fee and places you on a new sloop near everyone else who entered. The sloops are ready to go for battle. The last ship floating wins the pot created by the entry fees. The trick here is that the rigging and the gun rooms take no damage so you can always fire and move. The rest of the ship can take damage but you cannot repair it. You can pump and put out fires.

There are many anniversaries and dates. This represents the first time we turned Medievia on for testing, basically the first time some anonymous person walked into the game and seen Scruff our mascot. To me this marks the day Medievia became 'real'. It took a long time before we came out of beta which marks the first date we opened and another anniversary. Then we have the 2nd version, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.

Long in the future the most important anniversary will be the anniversary of the Founding which will happen this year, so while we are one of the oldest games in the world, we have really yet to begin!


It has been good practice.

It was a good beginning.

It was a good time.

It was fun.

It was nothing compared to what comes now.  


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