Medievia Mudslinger

February 13th, 2002

Foreword to the 2002 Valentine's Day messages

The last vestiges of winter's icy grip are still with some of us, but for many the first blossoms of spring are making their appearance. Well, they are outside the window of the Mudslinger offices where the front-line editor is currently lurking.

What this means in practice is that we have repeated last year's outstanding success with the Valentine's Day messages. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Maleah we have nearly a fifty percent increase in submitted messages and have had to split them into three sections for ease of browsing (A to H, I to M and N to Z).

Are you the lucky recipient of a romantic message on our pages? Should you be expecting a little something in the post from Maleah? Let your keyboard do the browsing and read on :)

The Mudslinger Staff

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