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February 13th, 2002

Valentine Messages - Compiled by Maleah

Letters N to Z

Overflowing email boxes greeted our latest offerings, the Valentine's Day Message offer. Such a romantic bunch you are, to be sure :) Assembled below, in alphabetical order for easier searching, are the printable messages of endearment we received. May the blessings of the Mudslinger staff rain down and fill your romantic trysts with joy and happiness.

The Mudslinger staff

To Nakiah

Hope your Valentines Day is happy. As I sit here on this day, reflecting on our time, I think back to when we started this adventure and you joined my bloodline. I thought I was happy then, but it seems I grow happier, each day that you are mine. I remember when you said you liked me more than you expected, and I am glad you made the decision to go ahead and try it, what the heck! I remember the note you sent me, saying I do everything for you and you do nothing for me. But having you as my daughter is all the present I need. Happy Valentine's Day Nakiah.
-- Wallkier

To Nakiah

Just to let you know I am thinking of you. Hope you think of me half as much :) I love you ....MUCHLY! hehe

To Nephius

To my Nephie Snookums, best clanleader for all time.
Your favorite clannie.

To Nightshadow

My sweet Nightshadow,
There is something you must know.
A truth my heart, my mind, Have known, since long ago.
A truth I hear in your laughter,
A truth I see in your eyes,
A truth that shines through,
The tears that sparkle in joys demise.
The brilliant blaze,
The joyous delight.
This truth gleams bright,
A beacon in though the long night.
Beyond the shadow of a doubt,
My love for you,
My sweet Nightshadow,
Is forever true.
This you know,
I see it in your eyes.
But nothing brings me such joy,
As revealing this to you,
As simply saying, 'I love you'.

To Nyeddan

Nyeddan, you're my best friend and I love you very much :) You're everything to me and I am so happy every day that we managed to find each other. You're also the sweetest and sexiest Warrior tank anyone could ever ask for!

To Oakron

Pay me back your enrollment fee in chocolates this Valentine's Day and I'll forgive you. :)

To Oakland

Its been so long since you come to stay
I had to put your cot away.

It was collecting dust.
I think its started to rust.

Now I have more space
But its kind of lonely in this place.

I think Zekie ate some of your socks.
Btw, I haven't changed the locks.

So if you ever wanted to drop by
Maybe to say hi...

You know where to find the key
And who knows maybe you'll run into me.

-The Fumbling Mage

To Ontarious

A friend is one you can always count on.. thank you for being that friend to me.

To Ontarious

Godspeed, now and forever


To Ontarious

Our man Ontarious!

As your lovely harem gathered together to show you our love! (and maybe a few other wild things!) on Valentines Day. We wanted to remind you of one very.. beautiful.. unique.. very feminine thing,
Something ONLY your harem can give you!..
PMS X 15!!
With all our love n kisses!
Your harem!! :)

To Ozymandias

Friends are priceless and few nowadays, I hope you'll be mine forever.

To Prae

XOXO! Thanks for being willing to help out and for thinking of me.

To Qaelyth

I love you baby, please be my valentine.
- Nquadroa

To Qrat

I love you honey. I really do. *hugs*

To Rwyan

We've had some tough times, but we've survived, and I love you for being the person you are.

To Rydia

Rydia is still one of my favorite FF characters. Happy Valentine's Day!
- Tesarrin

To Rynelf

To my sweetest elf on this Valentine's day,
Thank you for your friendship.

Love always,

To Sebastiana

A Haiku

I met you by chance,
socials express our feelings,
In Med we are one.

To Selthios

Will you be my Valentine?

To Shazaeryn and Asheba

I'm so proud of you both!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

To Shanzi

Happy Valentines Day!

To Silkenlor

You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are gray
You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my Sunshine away...
*kiss* I know you won't get it for 8 months or so, but I wanted you to know
I was thinking of you.
Loves ya

To Taralynn

You're my dear friend and the funnest boss ever; I'm lucky to have you to work with and talk to every day. *hugs*

To Tarissa

I will always be thankful for the day that I met you. You mean so much more to me then I could ever find the words to tell you. Through the bad times and through the good times you have been there for me and I will always be here for you. Snuggles, Cuddles and Raspberries forever!

To Terl

Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
Tu-Lips are what, We'll be kissing, Woo Woo!
What can I say? Your natural studliness has overwhelmed my fragile grip on reality! Happy Valentines from a super sekret anonymous me, you'll never guess who! *HEarT*
Julsie! =P

To Terrus

Dear Terrus,
Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!
You've brought much joy to me and 81,
I hope you never change!
and may your life be filled with love
and happiness!


To The grumpy koala

Happy mush day,
Anonymous - A N O N Y M O U S

To Tiexiera

To the One who gave me his name,
A diamond ring, and an eternal promise.
The man who's name I whisper softly,
Every night before I close my eyes.
The one who's changed my life forever,
With the simple phase a lover murmurs,
Lost within the dwindling light,
So safe within your arms.
To the man who surrenders his life for me,
c bless
My husband, my angel.
I love you.
love Amava

To Tiffany

You are my sweet honey butter-muffin girl now and forever. I will always rub your back and make you breakfast and give you lovies. I love you forever.

To Tilara

To my beloved on our first Valentine's Day together. I search the stars every night, and thank them, for descending their most precious angel from the heavens and into my life. With you by my side, I know that anything is possible, and that any adversity can be overcome. May everyday be as memorable as when we pledged our hearts to each other and every moment as joyous. Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart.

To Tilara and Moravin

You guys are pretty cool clanleaders! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day, along with many more happy days together in 48.

To Time

Love is the greatest thing in the world (A miracle, each time) the easiest thing to find (love everyone, says the Lord) the hardest thing to lose (true love is unbreakable) the sweetest thing to possess (in all its forms) the best kind of makeup (beautiful smile, natural blush) the worst secret to keep (sing it to the world) and the thing binding me to you (I love you)

To Tocrath

Happy Valentines Day Toc
Love Shal

To Voltan

Dear Voltan,
Thanks for being a great friend in spite of our clans differences. And for always trying to be there when I need someone to cry on. I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
many *hugs*


To Waverly

To my darling husband, Waverly,
I would do just about anything for you.
I love you dearly with all my heart.

To Yrth

To my dearest niece Yrth,
May valentine's day find you with someone to call your own. And with luck, may you find him in our happy bloodline. My father sends his love.
Watching over you,

To Zarha

You enrolled me in your clan
To help, was the plan

I promised to stay
but never saw you in days..

Got tired of waiting
'cause I needed to go exping

You finally came back
you booted me, I went "ACK!"

Are you still my friend?
Our mutual affect cannot end

So accept this lil gift from me
If we talk again, I'll go "Wwweeeee!"

From your 3 weeks ex-clannie

To Ziyx

Daddy: I wish you a warm and happy Valentine's Day! We don't get to spend much time together, but you will always have a place in my heart.

To Zycobane

To you who comforted me in my time of need.


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