Medievia Mudslinger

February 13th, 2002

Valentine Messages - Compiled by Maleah

Letters I to M

Overflowing email boxes greeted our latest offerings, the Valentine's Day Message offer. Such a romantic bunch you are, to be sure :) Assembled below, in alphabetical order for easier searching, are the printable messages of endearment we received. May the blessings of the Mudslinger staff rain down and fill your romantic trysts with joy and happiness.

The Mudslinger staff

To Idefix

Though you are unable to log in much anymore,
I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
You will always be kept dear in our hearts,
and are missed greatly by me and 16,
especially on those midnight hunts!
-Nightshadow, Mistress of the Dark Moon

To Jabari

When I close my eyes it's you I see..

To Jaerse, Sylliana and Drezar

You guys make playing fun :) Happy Valentine's Day!!

To Jalumia

For You, My Love
I Have Searched My Heart
For the Words to Say
Just How Much You Mean to Me
This Valentine's Day

You are All of God's Blessings
Rolled into One
My Dreams, My Desires
My Nightfall, My Sun

My Every Waking Moment
My Hopes and My Fears
My Disillusion, My Contentment
My Joy and My Tears

But Most Important of All
I Thank God When I Pray
Because You Make Every Moment
My Valentine's Day


To Jay

For Jay,

First there was darkness...

I remember being alone,
Left to myself and nursing my scars.
Of being afraid,
Unable to rise above and try to fly.
I was lost,
So unsure of who and what I was.
In the darkness,
It was friend, it was foe, it was infinite.

But, then there came a dawning...

I don't have to remember the light,
I live in it.
I don't look for it,
It's at my side.
I no longer fear the darkness,
I have my own protection.
I am never alone,
For you are with me.

Dusk to Dawn, Eternal...

When the sun sets,
The light still shines.
When the silence falls,
Your voice I hear.
When all is lost,
Your hand's my guide.
One heart, one soul, one mind,

So it begins...

With all my love,

To Jazzz

You got it, you got it bad
If you miss a day without your friend
your whole life's off track

To Jebez


To Jelena

You're a sweetheart. You have the prettiest brown eyes in the whole mud :)

To Juven

Dear Juven
Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for being a wonderful friend,
and one of very few special men on medievia
that I can trust to not hit on me :)
I hope you have a great day
and that we will remain friends 4-ever!

To Kaana

On Christmas Eve, I behaved really well
to get a gift: "The Kaana Doll" by Mattel.

Through all the night in the freezing cold
I waited for Santa to receive my doll.

With surprise and in dismay
a pair of coals I got instead

To add more pain to my disgrace
The coals into diamonds won't even turn!

Dedicated to my newest friend Kaana

Avatar Oakland

To Kalise

Everytime I question one of my actions, I can go look at the vote of support which you have given me. That seemingly worthless piece of paper from two years ago has gotten me through some of the hardest days I have faced. Thank you for your trust, friendship and always being there when I need you.

To Kalliste

My gorgeous poet, its been a wonderful 4 months since we eloped, and I'm more than positive that the next several will go just as well. We married so rashly though, and I want to do this right. So hon, will you marry me again, this time with all our friends and loved ones there? A beautiful wedding befits a beautiful wife.

From poet to poet, and with all my love,

To Kalthos

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines sweetheart.... I mudlove you! ;)
Your Fiancé

To Karissa

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you don't mind receiving a Valentine's from me!!

To Kastele

Wherever the skies have been gray, you were there to light up my day! I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for everything you have given me. Your best friend,

To Kastlyn

There have been days where I have felt like anything and everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. Whenever I have needed support, you were there for me. Making sure I was ok. Thank you for your love, support and eternal friendship. Happy Valentine's day.

To Kentrick

To a very dear old teddybear I once knew
Hugs are not enough to express
the fondness of my little heart
Which still beats, tho I do suppress
a little tender chord for you
And while time has passed away
and while we have grown apart
Your memory will always stay
Remember me, dear friend

Happy Valentine's Day to an old friend.

To Kentrick

I'll make this short and sweet: I love you! :) Happy Valentines' Day!
Love always,

To Khoaimon

My dearest khoaimon,

knowing that you're near my
heart, despite the distance that feels like
oceans separating us
always brings me comfort when
I miss you
moments go by so slowly
only so few apart
never so far away.

with love,

To Kibagami

Who's gonna console me, my love I'm out of control, hold me, my love
Cuz I'm yours

To Kishi

I thought you should know how deeply I've come to care for you, and how much I cherish the time we share together. My sweet daughter, I know that I am not always there for you, even though I so badly want to be, but today I will promise that I will always care for you, that I will always cherish and love you and that I will do my best to be there for you, no matter what.

To Kithario

Here's to the chariot that we shall one day ride in the heavens..
ps... race!

To Kubikiri

Cuz I am lost without you I cannot live at all My whole world surrounds you I stumble, then I crawl. You could be my someone, You could be my scene (or sea, or seed, or Steve, pick one! )

To Kuroko

I'm crazy for you Touch me once and you'll know it's true I never wanted anyone like this It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

From an unworthy mortal

To Leah

Happy Valentine's Leah. Even though I'm deep, deep backup, I still lub you

To Legaciend

Thank you for being such a great friend. I wuv ya lots

To Lixent

To my sexy Lix :
Someday we will dine together by candlelight and eat much raw fish.

To Lorie

To my dearest clanleader, Thank you for making me coleader of the Sirens. Every day I strive more and more to walk in your footsteps. So far I have collected your: hair clothes socks shoes undergarments used tissue paper perfume combs brushes make-up lipstick eyeshadow schoolbooks school papers news papers toilet papers dishes cups bowls spoons forks knives sporks and last but not least, toenail clippings. All in hopes that I can walk in your footsteps down to the last most minute detail. Please be my Valentine oh fearless clanleader and I promise that I will try to be more like you every day. Heehee

To Lorie

My dearest clanleader,
As I recite this mantra of love, Insanity in love drowns me in its infinite, As the wind whispers into my deaf ears, A forbidden song of love, A song I wanted so much to share with you... Alas, I find no way to make you understand... Undeservingly, I take my share of misery and regret (it wont feel good until it hurts)... Know this dearest, my love is not like a flower, because even flower fade and die, ash to ash, dust to dust, but my love burns on for you... 'till eternity ends...
Rhythm Of Pain,

To Lorie

Dear ClanLeader, I am glad that I am a clannie now.... and Dins is such a grouch :p
Happy V Day

To Lorie

Happy Valentines Day. Thanks for giving me a chance to be in your clan. You're the best clan leader ever!

To Lorie

My Mommy Dearest,
Here's a little valentine from your own little fluffball! Thank you for allowing me to join the INSANITY!
Hugs & Kisses

To Lorie

To my Favorite clanleader,
Happy valentines day to a wonderful person. hope your day is as good as you are.
huggles from

To Lukean

Lukean, You are the shade of my heart, given in the burning sunlight of Med. You are my Healer, my love, and the thief that stole my soul for her own.
I remain, as always, your devoted wife,

To M-

"Ama me fideliter! Fidem meam noto: De corde totaliter Et ex mente tota, Sum presentialiter Absens in remota." Latin: "Love me faithfully!/See how I am faithful:/With all my heart/And all my soul/I am with you/Though I am far away."

To Maleah

Goddess Maleah,
We love you this Valentine's Day. Please tickle us in the little hidden spots only you know so best.
The Imps
(That's behind the ears before you ask - ed)

To Marisela and Soleran

Every day that passes
I dig deeper into my soul
Looking for something
I seem to be missing.
I find myself turning to you
Seeking out some truth
Within my heart.
My love for you grows with
Every pass -
Marisela - every time I look into your eyes
I see something I once was.
Very pure and angelic.
Soleran - I look into your eyes
And see a soul not of a man,
But of a child - so free and loving; Yet the strength of all men.
And every bs counts, *halo*.
I am very happy to have found the both of you
I hope our time on Medievia will last.

To Meandra

You know I am yours, dork.

To Melicites

Happy Valentine's Day Melicites, Ever since we were growing up as newbies together I've held a special place in my heart for you. May your Valentine's Day find you in good health and good heart. I give you my heart this valentine's day, please take care of it. It is bandaged and torn, but with your care and tenderness, you can mend it and make it your own. Love ya sweetie *kiss*

To Mieli

Hi Mieli! Thanks for being your awesome self and for always brightening up my day! Hangin' out with you on Med is fun; you're the bestest! Happy Valentine's Day! =)

To Miloh

To my brave little evil teddy bear,
I give you this gift to inspire you in battle.
Hug it for good luck.

To Mistisia

Happy Valentine's Day baby. I wish with all my heart and all my soul that we will be together some day. You have made me happier than I ever could have imagined I could be and I hope that this valentine's day my love finds its way into your heart. I wish and I pray that every day I can hold you in my arms as close as I hold you in my heart. Love you with all of my heart,

To Mistisia

Happy Valentine's Day Cutie

To Moirynne

Happy Valentine's Day, I hope Mike doesn't mind!

To Mordius

Dear Mordius,
Thank you..
for bringing joy to my life
for your smile
for filling my nights with tenderness
but most of all
thank you for being sweet wonderful you

Love now and always

To Murghen

- Anonymous

To Mylaelle

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope Glenn doesn't mind!

To Mynique

Ever since you came to my clan I have been more than happy. Please be my valentine as my loving GoON caster counterpart and we can shockwave our way to immortality together.
Mana Lovingly Yours,


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