Medievia MM2k6 Status Bar Webpage Walkthrough

The script is included with the MM2k6 Build 32 install found in the Clients section, otherwise it is available here:

To load in MudMaster, click "Script" then "Read Script" and open the file. It will look something like this:

From there you must locate and click "Open". By default these will be included in the MM2k6 Build32+ download from this site. The file will automatically be placed inside a folder called "Scripts" located inside the MudMaster folder.

The status bar for this script will report to you the following:

  • Room Name/Type (Wilderness or Zone)
  • Current Exits
  • Current PK Type
  • Mob Kill XP earned
  • Mob Kill XP counter, will tell you how much XP you're earning from kills in per minute and per hour.
sbreset - Resets the XP Counter on the Status Bar, XP tracking will resume at next kill.

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