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Logs from Beyond for 2/22/2016

9PM KRAUSE: As I warned in a previous log, any blogging by me will have to expose everyone to the good, bad, and the painful in my life. If you have been reading you know that I passed kidney stone on my right side a few days ago. I had a whole 2 days without pain but now I have one on the left. I managed to stay out of the ER today, always good. I have had 3 hours sleep in the past 2 days and will give it a few days more before we talk surgery. The good news is my new doctor wants to try something new to treat my defect which is a low excretion of ammonium that makes my urine acidic and causes me 5-10 kidney stones a year. UGH. My brain is not working well. I am looking forward to being so tired I just finally fall asleep regardless of the pain, usually day 3 which is today. Take my pain, feel it, and use it to enjoy your hopefully pain free day. I would take on everyone's pain if I was allowed. Sometimes I think God listens.

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