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Logs from Beyond for 2/21/2016

12PM KRAUSE: Game design is always fascinating to me. Take houses for instance. The new houses have all these cool new features which were pretty hard to software design, but the most critical things and the most difficult to understand correctly in game design is the rules, not the code. One rule for instance is you cannot keep other players out of your house. If you are the total level or higher than the owner and the owner is not home then you can walk right in. Why Mike WHY!? The why is because all players can now change their room descriptions and names anytime they want, never needing God approval. The only way I would allow that is if everyone making said descriptions and room names will know that anyone can see it, so it better be appropriate and not break any rules because if someone complains they will lose the privilege to edit their homes. People cannot hurt others homes. They can post on their wall if the owner allows. The owner will have a list of the last X number of visitors and when they last visited. They can look in the owners display cases and check out their exploration collection and other stuff but they cannot do any harm. Homes are better this way because of just that one rule, no locking and keeping people out. That means homes are more fun. It will be fun snooping in another's home. Another rule will be the real estate tax. The further your home is from the capital Medievia City the much higher this will be. Renting a room at a worker run in far from Medievia the more it will cost but a massive degree. The reason is that the closer you are to your closest home the more rewards you get, assuming you're close enough. The distances and what will be bonuses is being fleshed out but this is one of the big reasons players will want a home, especially for new players who will rent a room at an inn. In the end when we have tons of players and inns I would expect it to be so that if a smart player knew they were going to be exploring a few zones way to the NW and an inn is near there they would rent a room at that inn for just one day, or as long as they will be adventuring in the area. You can have multiple houses and easily save and use previously edited descriptions to make a new one seem right at home. Game design is all about seeing the forest through the trees and experience has taught me that it is the rules that matter more than anything.

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