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Warriors have the innate ability to hit an opponent with more physical damage than any other class. To this end, they are aided by the ability to strike up to three times in a single round of melee combat, as well as having a number of other physical attacks that they can use between rounds. They gain more Hit Points per level than any other class, enabling them to stay in combat longer, and also receive a bonus to their AC every time they level.

Traditionally, the role of the warrior is to stand at the forefront of battle and protect comrades. Teamwork with friends will allow warriors to avoid the problems caused by the lack of spells, although a number of magical items can aid a warrior in replicating some of these effects when working alone.


AC equipment is important when you are starting out as a warrior. But as your armor class decreases, with the level you gained, you might want to go for hp, and hr/dr equipment. A warrior's primary attribute is strength. Try to always have your strength at 18 at all times. Strength will help you hit better and harder, and allows you to wield heavier weapons. Also, since warrior has an innate ability to hit their opponent better than any other class, when you think that you hit your opponents more time than you miss, go for more dr. You also want to try to keep your dexterity up, as it lessens the likelihood of you getting hit, and help you land more hits. You might also want to try to get a -ss (saving spell) equipment, as it helps negate some of the effect of offensive spell cat by your enemy, also it lessens the likelihood of being blinded, cursed, etc.


A warrior's primary statistic is, of course, strength. With the exception of meditate, every warrior skill depends upon strength. Strength allows you to hit more often, and to do more damage when you do hit. Consequently, all warriors should strive to maintain 18 strength at all times.

Dexterity is also important to a warrior. It affects the amount of damage you do, and it lessens the likelihood of getting hit in combat.

A high constitution is nice, since it allows you to regain hit points and movement points faster when sleeping or resting.


Listed below are the skills you get as a warrior.

All of these skills operate automatically when in combat:
  • SecondAttack - the ability to sometimes strike twice in the same round.
  • ThirdAttack - the ability to sometimes strike three times in the same round.
  • Parry - when wielding a weapon, you can sometimes deflect the blow of an opponent.
  • Archery - missile-type weapons are more effective when launched
  • Offhand - the ability to wield a dagger in your left hand, allowing you to get more hits per round of attack. It will not let you wear a shield when you choose to wield an offhand weapon (while you might be getting extra attack per round of fight, you might be losing some AC or some other stats). Your primary HR/DR does not apply to your offhand weapon and vice versa.

These skills are the warrior's "elective" combat skills. You pick which to use based on the situation. We advise that you practice them in the order it is given here, as the other skills might not be important to you at your early level.
  • Kick - This is an attempt to inflict extra damage upon your opponents. After a successful kick, you must wait 2 rounds before undertaking an action. After a failed kick, the wait is only 1 round.
  • Bash - this attack is an attempt to knock one opponent to their knees. You must be wielding a weapon in order to bash, and you can bash from anywhere in your formation. Beware, though - if you miss your bash, you'll fall to the ground instead of your foe. After you bash, you must wait 2 rounds before performing an action.
  • Charge - this attack is an attempt to knock all of your opponents flat. Damage done to a mob that is knocked flat is increased 50%. You must wait for 3 rounds after charging.
  • Disarm - When you use disarm, you attempt to use your weapon to make an opponent drop theirs. If successful, they must wield their weapon again before they can use it to inflict damage. They can still inflict damage with their bare hands, but it's usually much less. After a successful disarm, you must wait 3 rounds before undertaking an action. After a failure, the wait is 2 rounds. You must be in the front rank to disarm.
  • Slash - When you slash, you inflict great damage to all mobs or players in the room. You must be wielding a two-handed sword to use this attack. Hit or miss, the wait state is 2 rounds.
  • Bloodfist - Upon using bloodfist, you will automatically remove your wielded weapon to punch the target such with intense force that their very life-blood seeps back to you, restoring some of your health. A successful hit requires a wait state of 1 round; a miss requires 2 rounds.
  • Rage - This skill unleashes the furious passion within a warrior, increasing the fighter's attack while lessening defensive skills for four rounds.
  • Defend - Similar to rage, defend lets the warrior adopt a defensive stance for 2 rounds, increasing defensive skills while making attack less effective.

Other Skills:
  • Meditate - This skill is extremely useful for the soloing warrior. It allows you to sometimes trade movement points for hit points. You must be resting in a room with no other players or mobs in order to use this skill.
  • Rescue - this allows you to save someone from a mob. The mob then starts fighting you instead. You can't use this skill when in a formation.


Soloing as a single class warrior is difficult at best. Warriors have a lot of hitpoints, but no really fast way of regaining them. Rest and sleep are easy ways of regaining hitpoints. You have to remember however that if you choose to sleep you have to wait 3 minutes before you can wake up. There are also certain items that will up the speed of your regeneration. Meditate is another good way to regain lost hitpoints, although it can eat up movement points quickly and it might return you to the original method of resting to regain movement points. Crimson ring of regeneration will help you regenerate your hit points and movement points faster, so it is advisable that you wear these while you are ticking. Healing potions and objects, such as green potions, are yet another way. They can be bought in the potion shops or found on corpses. However, they are heavy to carry in bulk and are used up quickly.

When you are in a formation, it is best that you are put up front especially if you already have parry. Bash the casters, and kick the non-casters is a good way to help your form to fight your opponents, especially since you can use these skills from anywhere in the form. If you are not put up front, do not use charge unless you are told to, since it will jostle the person in front of you further back in the form. If you have a cleric in the form, let them know when you are blinded or cursed, since it will affect your performance.

Also note that when fighting against a spell-casting mob, a formation with two warriors or a warrior and a thief can alternately bash (or trip) the mob. Mobs that aren't standing can't cast spells. Similarly, if you're fighting against a bunch of spell-casting mobs, warriors can alternate charges to keep them down.

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