Help for Warriors by Lorac

NOTE: Medievia is an ever-changing game, and this player-written help file might not include up-to-date hints. The Medievia staff tries to remove references to defunct game features but does not add tips to player-written guides. Also please keep in mind that player-written guides are based on the player's personal experiences. If you see outdated or incorrect information, please notify the appropriate staff member.

  1. The best straight attack skill a warrior has is kick. Against non-spellcasting mobs kick excels because if you miss a kick you can attempt it next round (unlike bash and charge which immobilize you for two or more rounds).
  2. If a mob is a spellcaster, it's best to abandon kick and spend the extra rounds trying to bash or charge. If you are successful you knock the person/mob off it's feet and it can't cast against you again till it stands up (usually a round with most mobs, but sometimes two). If you are fighting one mob use bash, because it only immobilizes you for two rounds. But, if you're fighting several spellcasters use charge.
  3. A warrior's best companion is a cleric. Potions, scrolls, and staffs are nothing compared to a good healer. Clerics can remove poison, cure blind, armor, provide blessings, and heal a warrior faster than the warrior ever could with items.
  4. Balance your dam with your hitpoints. A warrior must provide cover for his/her group and inflict damage upon mobs. If you have all hp you're nothing more than a walking shield. Warriors can inflict incredible damage. It's better to end the fight quicker with dam than have to leg it out with only hp.
  5. Concerning trading as a warrior. It's best to have a cleric and/or mage with you when you trade. The mage can cast invisibility on the whole form and the cleric can provide the absolutely invaluable quickness spell.
  6. A warrior's main attribute is Strength. It only costs 20 pracs to permanently train your strength higher. Since a warrior has very few skills to practice, this should leave plenty of practices to train str. Strength increases your damage, enables you to carry more, and allows you to wield the heavy two-handed weapons that are best for warriors.
  7. Try and get your armor class as low as possible (-100 is the best, 100 is the worst). The lower your armor class the more mobs will miss when they try to hit you.
  8. Practice parry till you can't practice anymore. You'll sometimes parry a mob or group of mobs 4 or 5 times in a round. The advantage of this is obvious. Also, you cannot parry without a weapon (for obvious reasons), so if you get disarmed, re-wield your weapon as fast as you can.
  9. Because most mobs don't wield weapons, disarm is usually used again other players in pk. Don't bother disarming spellcasters, they don't do much damage so disarming then won't preturb them much. However, disarming a thief so he/she cannot flee and immediately come back and backstab you is a good idea (especially if you have spellcasters with you that can blind them so they cannot wield it until they cure blind, since most players get their weapons invised).
  10. If you get a mage to make your weapon invisible it is harder for you to get disarmed. However, this does have it's disadvantages. For instance if you are blinded and then disarmed you cannot wield your weapon till you are cured.

~ Lorac

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