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Clans are required to meet certain limits and deadlines in order to avoid
disbanding. Clanleaders will be sent warnings via mudmail and e-mail when
their clans are in violation of these rules, and if the deadlines are not
met the clans will be disbanded without further notice. See ANN 624 and 689.

If you are a clanleader and your clan is disbanded, you are personally
responsible for paying any back taxes owed to Medievia. If you do not have
the gold to pay back the debt, you will be purged. Not frozen: purged.

Clans owing more than 100 million gold in taxes will be disbanded without
further discussion..

Clan deadlines:
7 days from joining or starting a town to notify of
        a spot in the town for the clanhall.
14 days from assignment of a clantown to have the minimum number of rooms
        built (20 for the leading clan, 10 more for each sister)

Clanitem deadlines:
180 days from creation to have a clanitem created, provided all other
         requirements above have been met

Clantown room deadlines:
7 days from building a clantown room to have it finished, or fees charged
7 days from having a clantown room denied to have it fixed, or fees charged