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Please note that this help file was written before clantowns actually
existed. It contains a lot of general ideas for the clantown module.

For CURRENT information on:
 - the costs related to building and maintaining a clantown, please
   see Help CLANCOSTS
 - building your clantown, please see Help CTB_INDEX
 - starting your own clantown, please see Help CLAN CREATION
 - the clantown size rating, please see Help CLANRANKING
 - buying and selling in clanshops, please see Help CLANSHOP
 - finding a clantown to XP in, please see Help SUGGESTED ZONES
 - using the portal system, please see Help PORTALS
 - clantown room taxes, please see Help CLANTAX

Read on for Vryce's original announcements and ideas about clantowns. Do
please note that the prices and costs listed there are not correct. The
files above have the current, up-to-date information.

First, what are clantowns? Clans will be allowed to buy, build and expand
their own towns. These towns will be complete playable zones for everyone.
We will be introducing many new ideas along with the towns to make the
game deeper, more entertaining and to re-focus on clans. Clanshops are a
new concept. Mob Factions attacking clantowns will make for interesting
adventures. (read the tail end of ANNOUNCEMENT 165).

- Cost: 300 million gold gets you the town which will just have one room.
You will not have to pay the 300 million if you had purchased a clanhall.
In other words, if you have a clanhall right now you will not have to pay
for a town. I do not want to have to charge a ton for a town when I want
all clans to attempt to make a good one. We will charge a lot on the size
and the expansion of the town. The one room you get will be your clanhall.
You build from there. Notice that this will actually cost more than the
previous plan. A 100 room town will cost 500 million to expand to that size
and also will cost 2.5 million per 24 hours in taxes, not to mention the
costs to customize it as we charge when you change things. Bear in mind that
clantowns are being created not only for fun but to also help solve two
problems. 1) getting gold out of the economy. Mob Factions have balanced
all the new money in the game created by the catastrophe module and we
hope clantowns will help in sucking away all that saved money and also
helping to keep the games inflation in balance. 2) we need more zones to
play in. Clantowns will create a bunch and quickly.

- Playability: Anyone can enter any clantown. They will be complete
playable zones for decent EXP They will ALL be LAWFUL. Only one room type
will be allowed to be clan only and locked and that is clanhalls.

- Zone Level: The playable level of the clantown zones will change every
week. This means that the clantown for 'Guardians of Justice' may be for
levels 1-10 one week and levels 30+ another. The code will set the stats on
all mobs. I would imagine we will make a showtown command that will show
this sort of stuff along with zone size, # profitable shops, amount of
damage, etc.. So no matter what level you are you can have a reason to
eventually visit every clantown. (read more about portals below).

- Size: Clanmembers with the privilege may add rooms at as they want for 5
million gold each. There is no limit on the size of your town. The limit
will really be how many shops you feel like supporting and how much taxes
you wish to pay. The minimum limit is 20 rooms plus 10 additional rooms
for each sister clan.

- Clantown Requirement: We will not allow any clans to be clantownless. Any
clan not wanting to own a town will be removed. The newly founded Bank of
Medievia will be happy to loan any clan the gold it takes to make a
clantown. Loan details are discussed below. We hope this will remove from the
game all of the defunct clans and make true clans stronger, more united, and
more fun.

- Sister Clans: A clan may allow any TRUE sister clans to be in the
clantown. There will be an initial limit of 5 sister clans. Adding a sister
clan to your clantown will cost 250 million gold. Removing them will cost
250 million gold. If you say clan x is your sister clan then it will be so
for quite some time. Sister clans also get their own clanhall in the town if
they already have one. You cannot enroll a sister clan unless they have a
clanhall which they buy by normal means.

-Room Creation: You cannot create a new room while one has been created and
not yet edited. When you create a room its name and description will say,
"Under Construction". The code will not allow any more rooms until the last
has been edited. If we find people creating rooms and giving short fake
descriptions just to be able to make more rooms (making a skeleton zone),
we will charge the clan 10 million gold for each room this was done.

-Expansion rules: We will not allow clantowns to be made and then stay at a
small size. Any clantown under 20 rooms must add 10 rooms a month or be
removed. If we remove a clantown for this reason, we also remove the clan.
This will be strictly enforced. NO MORE DEFUNCT CLANS

- Room Types: We will create all room types at the beginning. Example:
Road, Courtyard, Kitchen, Bedroom, Staircase, Closet, Cell, Dungeon, Crypt,
Graveyard room, Tunnel, Up a Tree, etc. I expect to have many of these,
possibly as many as 50 types. The room type used will dictate what kind of
mob loads in it and also sometimes create special procedures. So when you
create a new room, you set its roomtype. The roomtype will allow the code to
decide what mob(s) to place there.

- Room Descriptions and Room Names: Any clan member with the privilege can
edit room names and or descriptions. Once edited, the room will be placed on
the list waiting for approval. Level 33+ gods with the settable privilege
can approve rooms. This approval will be logged. Changing a description or
a name will cost 50,000 gold. If a room is turned down for approval, the god
gives a reason and decides on the severity of their decision which will
state how much to charge the clan for the denial:
A) Understandable simple reasoning for denial will cost the clan 250,000 gold.
B) Lame and Surprisingly bad room description that did not have a chance of
getting approved: 2 million gold.
C) Profanity and or total disregard of the rules: 10 million gold.
The reason and level of the denial will be the new room description.
When a player enters a room that is not approved, he will just see the text
"Under Construction" as room name and room description.

- Bank, Post Office...: Clans can set the roomtype to be BANK POST
OFFICE or LOCKER The code will take care of the rest. We will only allow
one of these room types per 20 rooms. So if you try and set a room to one
of these types and you do not have 20 rooms per existing type like these,
the code will not allow another to be set until you have enough rooms.

- Taxes: Each 24 hours the clan is charged taxes, which are removed from the
economy. Taxes will be 50,000 gold per room per day. If your clan does not
have the money to pay, it will be put on loan. If your loan status hits the
400 million limit mentioned below and goes over it, your clan loses clantalk
until the loan is brought under 400 million.

- Mobs: We decide on say, 50 mobs. Each loads in a different room type, like
a kitchen mob in a kitchen and a prisoner in a cell. Each mob type will
have a set % load to load in its room type. For instance a normal soldier
will have a % load of just 10% in the courtyard, otherwise he can be found
anywhere. A prisoner mob will have a set load of 100% so it always loads in
a prison. A kitchen mob would have a load of like 90% so its usually in the
kitchen. If we decide upon 50 mobs, this will be set in stone. The code
keeps these 50 mobs and it also keeps 50 mob desciptions and 50 mob names in
an array for each clan so these mobs can look like the clan wishes they
would look. One clan may make a very happy zone, another a very dark and
sinister zone. One clan may be just a huge dungeon while another may be a
palace. They will be able to edit these mob descriptions online, in the same
approvable list type scenario as the rooms along with the severity of denial
charge. Editing a mob will cost 50,000 gold, the same as rooms.

- Objects: We have not hashed out if there will be objects and what they may
be. Expect an update soon.

- Clanshops: For every 20 rooms your clantown has your next room must be a
clanshop room. To use a clanshop you simply give a regular old item to the
shop keeper and the shops weekly $ will go up. It must reach a certain $
every week to be profitable. This $ will be decided upon once we get going
and I am sure we will change it quite often. The $ each item is worth will
be based on the already coded object weighter which takes all stats into
account and gives a number in return. It is not incredibly accurate but it
is close enough for this purpose. How much each player turns over to their
clanshop will be tallied and kept both as a sum and per week. We will most
likely also be coding shops to be able to sell items for real, more on
this later. SUM CLANSHOPS UP Every week the code will see if each shop
reached this magic $ and if so it will be profitable. The clan will have X
number of profitable shops each week. During this tally time all shops
will be reset to ZERO so the new week begins anew. So the larger your
town, the more shops you can have but also the more shops your clannies
must keep profitable.

- Clan Rankings: read Help CLANRANKING

- Go Town Command: I think we have all decided that we do no want a gotown
command. What about a fairly expensive portal which can be bought between
towns? Another cool idea would be this: Each town has the ability to have a
portal room. This room allows people to POP to any other clan town for a
cost of 1/3 a dragon or so. This of course brings up the question, where
will clantowns be?

- Clantown Locations: We create 50 towns on the map. Each town will be a
one room zone. We make good locations and bad, mostly about the same. Each
day we allow a clan to buy a town. We do this by SHOWCLAN T. We start at
the topmost townless clan. If they are ready, have the money, and know what
town they want, they get it. If not we ask the next clan. We do this every
day until no more clans want towns. We can make some towns close to some
zones and others farther away. Some may be on a beach, some close to the
middle of Medievia and some far far away.

- More on Loans: Any clan can take a loan out to pay for a clantown or its
expansion. The limit for the loan is 300 million gold. We will set an
interest rate which will be charged every 24 hours. I am leaning towards
3%. (PLEASE NOTE This file is outdated. The correct interest rate is
0.25% and can be found in Help LOAN So every day what you owe goes up by
3%. The limit for what you may owe will be 600 million gold. If your clan
hits that amount, your clan loses clantalk until it is brought below 600
million. The loan goes up when interest is accrued, when taxes are charged
and your clan account will not cover, when room rule charges are charged
and your clan account will not cover. You can transfer money from the
clan acount to pay off parts of the loan. Paying off the loan is always
manual; the leader, co-leader or anyone with the financial privilege will
be able to do this. All clan debts must be paid off before a clan can be
disbanded. The clan leader is ultimately responsible for these debts, and
can face sanctions up to and including removal if they do not pay off this

- Mob Factions. Mob factions will rock when they attack zones and
clantowns. When they attack a clantown they will attempt to destroy all or
parts of it. How this will be shown will be an indicator in the room name,

Damaged [XXXXXXX   ]
Courtyard Guardhouse

So this room is 70% damaged. The damaged indicator will be a line above the
room name. If there is no damage the indicator will not be shown.
When a mob faction mob is in a room for X number of minutes it will light
it on fire or something. It will cost the clan X gold to fix the room back up. A
lot of this is not detailed out yet except the fact that it will rock!
Mob Faction mobs will be able to tunnel underneath the zone, that much is
for sure. They will come up someplace in the town with an actual usable
tunnel from the outside in, etc. As the town's size increases, I will most
likely force more entries to be made. Entries are of course a major
defensive problem for the town. This will all be figured out later on when
I code the zone/town attacking MF module. ANNOUNCEMENT 165 has oudated
clantown info but it explains zone/town attacking mob factions very well.
Check it out if you do not know what these versions of mob factions do.

1 - No houses or personal places for clan members or others. The town is to
be created as a playable zone for the masses and not to stroke egos. Any
room with a mention of a player directly by name or indirectly by innuendo
will be denied and charged a fine.
2 - No mention of other clans in any way.
3 - No mention of real life stuff. This rule is the same rule that we use
to approve names for players.
4 - No profanity or classless descriptions.
5 - No dissing Medievia in any way shape or form.
6 - Room descriptions must be a certain size. If it is under 4 lines of
text it will be under very close scrutiny and it may be disallowed.
7 - We reserve the right to add any rule here at anytime :)

These rules will be changed and added to in an effort to get real, playable,
proud clan towns made.