Zuldahun's Glacial Cathedral

Designed by Mausefanger
  • Rooms: 209
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 27-31
  • Medium Groups: 26-31
  • Large Groups: 22-31

  • Description:
    Several thousand years ago, the worshipers of a now long-dead religion were tucked away and nestled safely in their cathedral keep. The cathedral drew power from everything surrounding it. The massive construction had illustrious stained glass windows, and there was a crypt beneath, where the priests, bishops, and preachers who died were laid to eternal rest in the place that made up their spiritual basis.

    A young upstart named Zuldahun seized power in the church. Suddenly, things changed, and the axis of the church and its moral system tilted violently. Zuldahun tortured anyone he perceived as an enemy, and those who refused to worship the ground he walked on were killed.

    Years of actions like this will take a toll on the karma of any establishment. The cathedral was soon the victim of horrible weather. The mountain the cathedral was built on quickly caved under the pressure of the powerful blizzards and wintry storms that overtook the keep.

    Sunken deep within the recess of the mountains, in caverns built by dwarves many centuries before, the cathedral remained hidden and dormant for many millennia. The powerful magic that gave Zuldahun his hold over his followers allowed the cathedral to stand up to the harsh weather conditions.

    It is rumored that down a glacial slope, somewhere in the vicinity of Ruellia, a hole has opened up leading deep into the mountain where this cathedral was supposedly buried. If the rumors are true, there would have to be a series of dangerous caverns sprawling before the cathedral, blocking passage into or out of it.

    Many brave adventurers have been seen peering down the hole. The cliffs leading to it are slippery and filled with many dangerous creatures, but the adventurers that have made it through say it is apparently mined out and safe to travel through ... or at least as safe as anything could be with the inhabitants that have made it their home.

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