E'urdin Zilartzen

Designed by Ikuska & Iskandar
  • Rooms: 263
  • Lifespan: 50
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 25-31
  • Medium Groups: 21-26
  • Large Groups: 19-24

  • A legend is told that once the powerful earth spirit Luera, cousin of Mairyi, sent for her two most loyal Laiminak subjects and charged them with a mission. She bid them to transport and deliver a ship of precious cargo to the witches of Xuuritegui. Xuuritegui lay many furlongs across the sea but Luera knew that Aiala and Nahikari were skilled and trustworthy.

    The cargo Luera entrusted with Aiala and Nahikari were magical components the witches needed in their religious practices. Among the items packed were clay jars containing dried botanicals such as laurel, ash leaves, and thistle heads. There was a parcel of panderoas, trikitizas, and albokas- magical instruments used to command the elements of nature. The two most important objects in this shipment was an ornate golden comb and a small, grey stone statue carved to represent a female goddess with an owl’s face. The statue was one of Luera’s most treasured and powerful magical icons.

    The two Laiminak placed the cargo in a boat made of elm bark, covered it with a soft brown tarp and set out on their journey early in the morning. The Laiminak are part water sprite and consider long treks over water to be pleasurable work. The boat was equipped with a small linen sail as well as oars, and Aiala and Nahikari tirelessly directed their vessel over the waves. By sunset they were deep at sea, far from any view of land. The sun lit up with blinding red and orange hues before sinking beneath the horizon, enveloping the two Laimin in darkness.

    It was at this time that the shadow of Aexulair passed above their small craft. This phantom minion reports all that he sees to the evil spirit Mykeilats. Mykeilats, the son of Mairyi was enraged that Luera did not consult him before lending the valuable icon to the Xuuritegui witches. Mykeilats’ energy surrounded him and swelled into a massive storm which he projected upon the sea. Turbulent waves and bursts of lightning shocked Aiala and Nahikari from slumber, and a brilliant bolt of lightning shattered their vessel, tossing them into the sea. Their cargo sank into the watery depths as the storm dissipated. The two Laimin spent 3 weary days using their webbed feet to swim back to Mairyizenkobia to report the losses to Luera. A recovery mission attempted to retrieve the lost objects, but Aiala and Nahikari were unsure of the location that the cargo sank, and therefore the items were never found.

    Years passed as the idol of Luera sat abandoned on the bottom of the ocean. Rough storms and currents slowly pushed the statue closer to shore where it became lodged next to a large rock. Although the water had moved the stone figure to a new location, the current could not erode its magical surface. The statue sat for so many years its magic began to slowly leech into the sand and water around it. Magic tinged water evaporated from the sea and rained upon the surrounding lands. Sand infused with the magic washed up on the beaches and traveled on the wind, becoming incased in the rocks and earth. Plants absorbed the magic along with the nutrients of the soil, and creatures ate the magic from the plants, and drank the magic in the water. The forest of E’urdin Zilartzen, once known as a highly populated wildlife hunting ground seemed the most strangely affected of the lands near the idol. People who have traveled there in search of a fruitful hunt now find the forest empty except for small animals and birds.
    Even more strange is the large number of travelers who never return. Once an explorer returned from the forest screaming madly about giant multi-legged monsters and enchantment. He remained feverish for several days before dying of an unidentified puncture wound in his neck.

    E'urdin Zilartzen is a high level xp zone with some eq and puzzles.

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