Verigaard Keep

Designed by Boru
  • Rooms: 184
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: Levels [31-31]
  • Medium Groups: Levels [29-31]
  • Large Groups: Levels [28-31]

  • The ancient brotherhood of Arethian Knights has long had its stronghold in Verigaard Keep. This monstrous ivory citadel watches over the holy lands of Medievia, keeping invading ogres and other evils at bay. Recently, a chain of events has led up to a direct assault on Verigaard Keep by the ogres, catching the Arethians off guard. They began to lay siege upon the Keep with vastly superior numbers and supplies to last them indefinitely. The Knights inside have fought valiantly, trying to buy time for reinforcements to arrive, but their chances are looking grim. Out of desperation, they have sought help from the followers of Salir, a long-time neutral force in the battle of ogres versus. the Arethians. The Salirians accepted the call to arms and sent a portion of their forces to the Keep. Even with the reinforcements, the Ogres and their kin have continued to invade and besiege Verigaard Keep, making their camp in an area slightly southwest of the tower. With many of his own Knights slain, and the ogres' unrelenting siege continuing, Lord Eswal, Master of the Arethian Knights, sent out a final plea for help to any of the land's many adventurers. Knowing that the continuance of his brotherhood depends on it, Lord Eswal has taken up his sword and helm and waded into battle.

    Recently, messengers have come from the keep telling of the death and decay that have befallen the land, and some have warned of an evil incarnation so great that it would take many of the bravest heroes in the realm to defeat it. Many of these messengers have shown up virtually ripped to shreds from what appears to be giant claws, babbling incoherently about a whispering wall and the theft of a legendary holy object that the Arethians once possessed.

    One last note: This zone is TOUGH. So, be prepared and have fun.

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