Vark Outpost

Designed by Celegorm
  • Rooms: 139
  • Lifespan: 50
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 25-31
  • Medium Groups: 23-26
  • Large Groups: 22-24

  • Story:
    Some disturbing reports have come in from the mountainous region of northwestern Medievia. It appears that some mithril miners happened across the outpost of an extraordinarily vicious species of birdmen, who virtually wiped out the entire mining group. The few who made it out of area report that the birdmen, who apparently call themselves 'Varks', have a well-organized and defended outpost in the mountains east of the abandoned Temple of Thanos. Several of the unfortunate mining party were known to have been captured alive by these Varks. The families of the captured and missing miners have called for brave adventurers to bring back their loved ones, or word of their deaths at the hands of their Vark captors.

    In an attempt to locate any prior knowledge concerning these Varks, the librarians at the Medievia Castle Library have scoured the vast collection of books dating back through the ages. They report that in one of the oldest texts in their care, there is mention of creatures calling themselves Varks. It should be noted, however, that the Varks mentioned in this ancient tome were one of the original inhabitants of Medievia, before the Coming of Vryce and his Cleansing of the World. According to these accounts, the Varks were one of the races that refused exile to the Catacombs, and were subsequently destroyed by Vryce. Given this information, it is nearly impossible that these are the same Varks. More than likely, they are an offshoot of the common birdmen, adapted to their mountain homes. As such, adventurers to the area are advised to be wary, as these Varks are, by all accounts, stronger, smarter, quicker and more deadly than the common birdmen.

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