The Underground Shafts

Designed by Kithario & Shienar
  • Rooms: 83
  • Lifespan: 25 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Soloing : 18-20
  • Medium Group: 14-17
  • Large Group: 11-14

  • Centuries ago, when Vryce began his plans to build the great City of Medievia, he chose a land well-known for its richness and beauty. He built a strong, prosperous city which became the hub of the entire continent. Some of the original and less wholesome citizens weren't pleased with the new developments because they liked darker, quiet homes free from trampling dragons, clattering street traffic, and masses of shouting citizens. Slowly they began to slink off into the unpopulated areas beneath the city.

    The work began on their new home. Every race of people made their own specific area of tunnels, which ramify from the main system of the shafts. There is one area in the system of shafts that every race considers its own. That is a catacomb deep inside the shafts where each race has entombed their fallen comrades. They will never forget those who have died in combat for their homes, and neither will the future generations to come.

    Decades have now passed and during this time the former refugees have created a virtual city beneath the bustling metropolis above. Although many of the species in the tunnels are antisocial, they live near each other in harmony and relish the quieter atmosphere of their subterranean home. They have now forgotten the world that once was, but now look at their world that is.

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