The City of Trellor

Designed by Shrike, Danae and Mhordamis
  • Rooms: 507
  • Lifespan: 16 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 15-20
  • Medium Groups: 12-16
  • Large Groups: 9-15

  • The History of Trellor
    Once the main city of a far off continent, Trellor became a part of the main continent after tremendous seismic upheavals. Once visitied by the cutter Mystara on a regular basis, Trellor is now reachable by dragon flight, or one very long walk.

    A Tour of Trellor, given by a pickpocket named George
    "Ahh, there truly is no place as wonderful as Trellor, and no place that has got guards who allow me to ply my trade on innocent citizens, either. Trellor has many wonderful shops, and where else can you find a brothel? Hehe, you could say, Trellor has it all. Its almost like a freak show sometimes, when people come to see the Mute Priestesses in the Temple who can chant their prayers, but nothing else!"
    "Of course, once you leave the city, you are in for a rough time of it, seeing as the guards posted at the gates aren't here to keep us in...rather to keep all the nasties out. Many an unwary adventurer has ended up in the Enchanted Oak Graveyard after wandering outside the city."
    "Aside from the lovely temple, and houses that belong to citizens of the realm, Trellor has a dark underbelly of crime, which I am proud to be a part of. We have a musty sewer system, just perfect for sneaking through and catching the unwary by surprise, and pickpockets like me roam the streets at all hours, searching for easy prey. With all the wealth that this city receives in trade, its no wonder that Trellor is so decadent."
    "Trellor is also a center of learning, if you are clever enough to discover who can teach you. Oh yes, do beware the fortress atop the hill to the west, it's the one place I have never even poked around in."

    Consider the mobs, and be careful that 10 more don't walk on you while you are casting room spells- it always hurts alot worse when that happens. Go to the bank as soon as you get there and deposit all your money, George and his friends are always looking for an easy mark.

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