The Tower of Reclasta

Designed by Drakonos
  • Rooms: 277
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 31-31
  • Medium Groups: 26-31
  • Large Groups: 24-27

  • Description:
    Although the precise origin of the Orb of Sanctity is unknown, it is known that a young woman named Reclasta, who lived a simplistic peasant's life in Riverton, originally discovered it. While gathering berries in the woods adjacent to Riverton, she found the glowing orb partially buried in a small clearing among several bushes. Realizing the potential value of such an artifact, she brought the fiery orb into town concealed in a scarf.

    Although Reclasta attempted to keep the orb a secret, several villagers, drawn by a fiery light flowing from her window one evening, peeked through to see her holding the orb. Word spread immediately that Reclasta had obtained a mysterious object, and villagers began to speculate that perhaps this discovery was some type of omen. Citizens began to be drawn to this woman and her powerful orb. Believing that Reclasta was a prophet, many people began to come to her for advice and prayer. Reclasta herself felt the power of the orb, and the more she held it, the more she began to realize her true purpose and potential.

    Drawing this power from the fiery orb, Recasta gathered her newfound followers and began a religious commune on the outskirts of the Riverton woods. In this place she gave charismatic sermons and continually utilized her glowing orb as proof of her esoteric beliefs. In time, however, the sun-worshipping citizens of Riverton began to pressure Reclasta's benevolent commune to leave the area. Although Reclasta's followers were peaceful, the Riverton priests and priestesses felt that the cultic nature of her commune was detrimental to Riverton's religious culture.

    Eventually, Reclasta gave in to the pressure. She and her many followers embarked on a long journey in search of what she called the Forest of Sanctity, where they would be free from religious persecution. After years of searching, the forest was finally found, and the followers settled into an area just outside the thick oak forest. Reclasta ordered the construction of a grand tower in the center of the forest, to be built in honor of her religion and its undying symbol, the Orb of Sanctity.

    Although the people of Riverton were strongly opposed to the cultic nature of the group, most of Medievia regarded Reclasta's commune as a peaceful settlement that posed no threat to them. However, years have passed since the migration of the Reclastan people and the building of the tower, and rumors have begun to spread. Rumors that the ousting of her group, her loss of power, and her subsequent seclusion within the tower have caused Reclasta to become demented, angry, and evil. Rumors that she no longer allows anyone to see her, that she rules her people through her High

    Priest, to whom she speaks only from behind closed doors. Rumors that she believes she is now the "Goddess Reclasta" and no longer simply the leader of the Reclastan people. Rumors of human sacrifices and the so-called Blood Altar, where the blood of the sacrificed is blessed by Reclasta and poured into a well beneath the tower. Rumors that the blood channels outward and later bubbles up through the soil, polluting the forest and everything within it with evil corruption.

    But can the Reclastan villagers be completely oblivious to the happenings within the tower? How could Reclasta have turned evil when the Orb of Sanctity pulses with an aura of benevolence? Although many villagers have mysteriously vanished in the night, and the once-peaceful forest seems to be filling with monstrous creatures, only a small minority of villagers believe these rumors of Reclasta's evil transition. Led by a man named Velorian, they are secretly planning an uprising against Reclasta and her minions.

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