The Tomb of D'lujik

Designed by Ardothica
  • Rooms: 255
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 31-31
  • Medium Groups: 31-31
  • Large Groups: 31-31

  • Description:
    An unusual incident was reported late last night in the Mage's Quarter. Residents of this normally quiet section of the City of Medievia were awoken by a large party of men known to be of ill repute. Witnesses have stated that the majority of the men were members of the Alliance of the Black Moon. A resident of the Quarter, a scholar by the name of Anryu, was said to have joined the party, though his wife, Reynie, has neither confirmed nor denied this. She has refused to provide any information whatsoever about the affair.

    Excrucior turned the page over to see if there was anything else written. There wasn't.

    "That's it?" he asked, blinking in disbelief.

    "Well, it's something," said the reporter.

    "Something? This is nothing. It's totally useless! I can't publish this rubbish!"

    "But rumor has it that D'lujik may be involved!"

    "Bah! Rumor." Excrucior made a sound of disgust.

    "My sources say th--" the reporter began.

    "Sources? I want a direct quote from a named source before I even think about publishing any information about D'lujik. Sensationalist writing to sell papers is one thing, but irresponsible journalism that leads to undue panic is quite another. As far as I am concerned, D'lujik is just a fictitious monster from a fairytale--a story told around the campfire in the middle of the night. Now get out there and find me something truly newsworthy!"

    "Yes, sir," the reporter said as he left the MUDSlinger office.

    Excrucior stared at the door for a moment longer before crumpling the paper into a ball. "Open wide, Mank," he said. "It's your favorite--parchment."

    He stared at the ceiling for a while and listened the sound of the imp eating the page. Shaking his head, Excrucior muttered and returned to work.

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