The Swamp and Forest of Thanos

Designed by Shrike
  • Rooms: 88
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 26-31
  • Medium Groups: 23-28
  • Large Groups: 21-25

  • Located at the northwest corner of Medievia, the Swamp of Thanos is the home of many disgusting and dangerous creatures. Hungry alligators lurk beneath its waters, and huge, mutated mosquitoes buzz through the air searching for victims. The nearby forest seems relatively harmless, but the dangers are only better concealed...

  • Bring someone along who has the Shield Room spell, or the swamp will be a death trap.
  • The Abominations do a lot of damage, but don't have many hit points. Killing them is usually a matter of staying alive for long enough.
  • Before trying to kill the King of the Crocodilians, clear out the rooms adjacent to him.
  • The Silver River is a good place to recover mana, but don't get caught off guard by the silver serpents.
  • Trap the Dark Strider with the Shield Room spell to prevent him from running away.
  • Defeating the members of the Thanos Cult will be virtually impossible unless you bring enough people along.
  • When trying to fight the Shadow Dragons, blind one of them before attacking the other one.

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