Talqaxtyl's Pyramid

Designed by Mixheal, Revamped by Asclepius
  • Rooms: 178
  • Lifespan: 18 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 17-21
  • Medium Groups: 14-19
  • Large Groups: 12-18

  • "The people that inhabit the jungle southwest of the City of Medievia are a peaceful group, and I believe there is much more we can learn about them," said the man to a half-empty lecture hall at the Academy of Braneri. As he glanced at his audience, he noticed that majority of the students were dozing off, and only a handful of professors seemed at all interested. "...That is why, erm, I am going back to the jungle to live with them, ah, once more."

    A middle-aged theology professor in the front row raised his hand. "Were you able to learn anything about their religion?"

    The lecturer cleared his throat, fiddled with his glasses, and answered, "I was able to learn a little. From what I understand, the natives believe in some ancient god, called...Talqaxtrum? Tenkamtyl? Something like that--quite a mouthful. Anyway, this god supposedly provides the natives with what they call the 'golden palm,' which they believe can produce magnificent treasure and heal the sick."

    He leaned over his podium in what he hoped was a dramatic move, and continued: "Supposedly, many years ago, they had angered their god and he refused to watch over them, and began inflicting his wrath on the people. He--"

    "What happened?" eagerly blurted out the professor. "What did they do?"

    The lecturer, now flustered and rosy-cheeked, tried to regain his momentum. "What I was *about* to say is that the native king at the time, Ixmucane, realized they would have to take grand measures to appease Tal...their god. He ordered a massive pyramid be constructed, with an altar at the top. Just as it was completed, he had himself sealed and buried inside, along with many of his servants and workers. This act, according to the natives, appeased the god enough that he let the golden palm grow once more."


    "Ouch, watch what you're doing!" snapped the young woman. "Sorry!" the young man replied, "I'm just worried about this..." Laera, the young woman, snorted. "There's nothing to worry about, we're fine."

    She didn't actually feel this way. Though she had plundered the remains of many ancient peoples, it always went better than this. She felt like someone was always watching her, and some of the men she hired had disappeared.

    "Look! We found the tomb!" another robber yelled, his torch lighting a corner of the chamber. His beady eyes gleamed from beneath his bushy white eyebrows, and he was breathing heavily.

    The chamber's massive stone door slammed shut without warning.

    "I can't open it!" the young man yelled, panicked. "Help! We're stuck!"


    One of the students lazily raised his hand. The lecturer, eager to have at least one student who enjoyed his talk, quickly called on him.

    "What would happen if someone broke into the pyramid? I'm sure there are lots of neat treasures."

    The man tried to clean his glasses, and promptly dropped them. Pretending it didn't just happen, he turned to the student.

    "Who would be stupid enough to try that?"

    The original Talqaxtyl's Pyramid zone was built by Mixheal in the late 1990's. This year (2011), we're proud to announce that, thanks to Asclepius, it has been revamped! Asclepius rewrote virtually all of the old objects, mobs, and rooms, and added a number of new ones. The revamped zone retains the inspiring theme of the original, while offering better experience, more equipment, and a livelier cast of mobiles. Historians can refer to ANNOUNCEMENT 195 for more information about the original zone opening. Most of the thanks go to Asclepius for all the work he has put into this zone, and to Mixheal, whose sense of humor is still manifest in every area of the zone. Thanks also go to Cartimandua for editing the rooms and to Isryathi for coding the procs.

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