Seanstrean Reef

Designed by Taralynn
  • Rooms: 276
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 28-31
  • Medium Groups: 25-30
  • Large Groups: 23-28

  • For hundreds of years the Seanstrean, a nomadic group of sea elves, had wandered the ocean beds of Medievia. They had set up mobile camps of dwellings, similar to tents, and herded their mounts over the seabed, visiting the peripheral ports, and trading goods with the merfolk of Lattyrna. Then, several years ago, King Minnos found an enclosed reef-well. The area was patrolled by an elf-friendly sea dragon, and seemed secure from both above and below due to the creature's caretaking. Tired of moving, Minnos and his family took up residence, building a large sand castle in the center of the reef. He created magical trade routes to the places they had once visited, and the Seanstrea settled into a stationary life.

    The people took up cultivation and groomed the kelp into large groves that surrounded the castle like a thick forest. The fronds were harvested for feed for the mounts, and the reefs were nourished and carefully culled to provide shells and meat for the elves. They hunted beyond the forests for sharks, rays and eels and collected sea turtle eggs.

    Minnos practiced his magic, and his people thrived in this secluded oasis beneath the seas, protected and safe in their castle. Safe, at least until the day the dragon sank a ship that had tried to beach on the island above. As soon as the ruptured hull sank beneath the waves, a strange teal light radiated outward from the shell, filling the water with an eerie glow. Everything began to change. The creatures started to mutate, and the once- friendly dragon became a ferocious monster that pulled larger and larger prey down and left it to rot upon the sand. She attacked not for food, but for sport, sometimes even snatching a passing elf if one wandered too close to her cave. The mounts began to turn wild, and Minnos, in an act of desperation, sealed off his castle and gathered those that were left within its walls.

    The months dragged on, and the Seanstrea grew restless. The bravest, or most foolish, ventured forth and were either consumed by the mutating light or disappeared altogether. As his people dwindled, the King used his most powerful magic to try to reach out to the outside world for help, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that it was most likely too late ...

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