The Rydhordel Woods

Designed by Highlander & Shalafi, revamped by Nykaul
  • Rooms: 190
  • Lifespan: 40 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 16-21
  • Medium Groups: 12-15
  • Large Groups: 10-15

  • Description: CITY OF MEDIEVIA: The appearance of a man thought to have been missing for the last few months has generated talk around the Adventurers' Guild. The man, as yet unnamed, had set off from the Guild as part of a party that was to explore the Rydhordel Woods. All contact was lost and the members feared dead, until now.

    Historically, the Rydhordel Woods have always been clouded in mystery. Once, the area was known for woodland walks and seasonal hunting of various game, until an asteroid storm ravaged the region. Close sources who visited the area shortly after revealed that the Woods had developed a strange, eerie glow, and all means of entry were thwarted by large trees. Since then, any and all parties that have attempted to explore the woods have disappeared without a trace.

    When questioned, the man was unable to explain what had happened to him, although he repeatedly muttered about a large stone structure that stemmed from the ground. Upon further probing, he spoke of strange creatures, a vault of treasure, and demons.

    Although the talk has sparked rumors around the Guild, officials have quickly shot down any plans to investigate. Furthermore, they added that the man is delirious from his ordeals, although to what extent remains unknown, and that his stories are a work of fiction.

    Whether the stories are fantasy or not, the reality remains that several adventurers are still missing and feared dead. In addition, something unexplained is happening around the area of the Rydhordel Woods, and those familiar with the region remain closed-lipped as to what it could be.

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