The Village of Ruellia

Designed by Tephros
  • Rooms: 223
  • Lifespan:40 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 23-31
  • Medium Groups: 22-24
  • Large Groups: 18-22

  • Description:
    Many years ago, a small village was established in a high glacial valley of the mountains of northwest Medievia by a group of New Genesian colonists. Shortly after their arrival, they found to their surprise that there was another resident of their valley, a good copper dragon named Callitriche. The dragon offered friendship and protection to the village, an offer the citizens happily accepted. The next few years were peaceful, until one fateful day when the dragon informed the citizenry of a new particularly nasty menace to the village. She placed her only offspring, a baby dragon named Ruellia, in the care of the villagers and went out to eradicate threat. Callitriche's quest was successful although in the final stages of the battle she suffered mortal wounds and died before reaching the village. Upon learning of her death, the villagers took it upon themselves to raise the young Ruellia with all the knowledge of human magic and fighting skills until the dragon could find others of her kind.

    Read room descriptions very carefully as they contain many hints about later portions of the zone. Don't forget to look at the equipment as well, as various pieces make your journey much easier.

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