The Rhaiaden

Designed by Mhordamis
  • Rooms: 183
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 31-31
  • Medium Groups: 27-31
  • Large Groups: 25-29

  • The story so far...

    The Rhaiaden Desert, a dry but plenteous landscape north of Khaliud, has been occupied by the Three Nomad Clans for eight centuries. They lived in peace, sharing water and shade with each other - until the 23rd Day of the Month of Night Spirits when Hado, Leader of the Hashendi Nomad Clan, proclaimed himself as the Prince of the Desert and that all who lived in his principality, the Rhaiaden, was under his rule.

    The Hashendi supported their leader, for they have been the strongest Clan in the Desert for the past five centuries, and felt as if they deserved more recognition than just being "one of the Three Nomad Clans" amongst traders and outlanders who knew of the Rhaiaden.

    The other two Nomad Clans, the Eshtirae and the Talarths, rebelled against Hado's demand for jurisdiction, saying that the Rhaiaden is just fine exactly the way it is.

    The rebelling Clan Leaders were found dead hours after they rose their voices. New Clan Leaders were chosen amongst the Eshtirae and the Talarths, one being the son of the fallen Clan Leader of the Talarths, one who also rebels against the Hashendi. The Eshtirae lean towards the Hashendi Clan, claiming that a kingdom - a unity among the Desert People - has been needed for a long, long time.

    Invasions against the Hashendi and assassinations among the Eshtirae Clans are being led by the Leader of the Talarths, by one who is named Khalin. The Talarths now live within secluded areas of the Rhaiaden, inside veiled sand dunes and beneath the Desert floor itself, for they fear invasion and rebellion as much as the Eshtirae and Hashendi.

    As for now, however, the Rhaiaden Desert is considered a kingdom among the Eshtirae and Hashendi, with Hado, the Prince of the Desert, as their ruler. Hado has chosen the Black Rocks Hold, thought of a sanctuary of shade and peace amongst all the Desert People, as his place of rulership; but when Khalin heard of this, he launched a full-out war against the Eshtirae and the Hashendi, invading Black Rocks Hold and the encampments of both the enemy Clans.

    Thus began the war that is now called "The Chaos in Rhaiaden."

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