Quinstone's Keep

Designed by Drakonos
  • Rooms: 101
  • Lifespan: 30 minutes
  • Type: NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 22-27
  • Medium Groups: 17-22
  • Large Groups: 14-20

  • Description:
    Thirty years ago, an eccentric yet peaceful man named Londi Quinstone moved into an area just south of the gates of Trellor. At this time, Quinstone was in his mid-twenties, and with him came a group of roughly fifteen disciples. They set up an extensive camp on the outskirts of the city, and kept peacefully to themselves. Although the group spent most of their time within Quinstone's large camp, some of the men would venture quietly into the city several times per week in search of food and supplies. During these outings, Quinstone's followers always garnered whispers of discontent and disapproving gazes from Trellorian citizens.

    Neither Quinstone nor his men had ever stolen from or harmed any citizen of Trellor, but as the days and weeks passed, a wave of fear flowed over much of the city. Outsiders had never been welcome here, and Quinstone's group was no exception. Gossiping among groups within Trellor eventually evolved into a decision by many citizens to move Quinstone's cultic group from the area via force. And so, on a cold wintry night, after a year of peaceful existence near the city of Trellor, Quinstone and his followers were violently uprooted from their camp by an overwhelming swarm of Trellorian citizens. Armed with sharpened garden tools and torches, the citizens ransacked Quinstone's camp, forcing his people helplessly into the dark forest.

    However, Quinstone didn't give up his quest for a peaceful existence for himself and his followers. Soon after the unjust attack, he gathered his followers together to trek southwest into the unknown, in search of a place to call home. For months, Quinstone moved his people through the wilderness, gathering more followers who longed for peace in a chaotic world. Eventually they found a place that Quinstone felt would suffice.

    The place that would come to be known as Quinstone's Keep was nothing more than an ancient crumbling castle to the east of Riverton. Quinstone felt that the thick forest surrounding the keep, as well as the tall stone walls and thick moat would provide the protection that his people needed from the external world. Immediately, he initiated a plan to rebuild the keep into a powerful stronghold, and he fortified it with his army of followers. He trained his men extensively in the art of war so that they would be able to repel any future attacks on their home.

    Unfortunately, the experience of his tumultuous life took a devastating toll on Lord Quinstone. Over the past few years the Lord has become somewhat bitter in his success. He had wished for nothing more than peace in this world, and yet to accomplish this goal, he was forced to turn his peace-loving disciples into a complex army of soldiers and guardsmen. It was this inherent ethical contradiction that led to his current disposition some thirty years after the eviction from Trellor. In his anxiety and depression, Lord Quinstone lives in a reclusive state, concealed in his quarters, deep within the heart of the keep.

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