The Trellorian Penitentiary

Designed by Melquiades
  • Rooms: 133
  • Lifespan: 40 minutes
  • Type: NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 24-26
  • Medium Groups: 16-23
  • Large Groups: 12-15

  • As the grand city of Trellor grew in size and wealth, more and more greed, corruption, and crime began to take hold in this once innocent city by the sea. Pherrance, the Duke, felt that it was necessary to institute a court, where trials by jury would be heard and dealt with quickly and justly. A jailhouse was erected to hold the criminals who were convicted of serious crimes.

    The Duke's plan worked for many years, but as the city prospered more and more men were sent to the jail as punishment. Soon the jail became crowded and Pherrance ordered a new, larger penitentiary built to house Trellor's most vicious criminals.

    Zanzor, a close friend of Pherrance, was chosen as chief warden of the new prison. He was known by many as one of the most heartless wardens in Trellor by all the prisoners, but hailed as a law enforcer by the crime-fearing nobility of Trellor.

    The guards trained to patrol within the prison are of the best Trellorian cityguards, as well as some recruits from the dangerous stormwatch mercenary group. Rules formed by Zanzor and his guards force the prisoners of the jail to do hard labor in rock pits, mining for ores that could be used in trading to increase the city of Trellor's wealth.

    Two prisoners have recently been rumored to be planning an escape. The penitentiary has a flawless record for prisoner retainment, and Zanzor and his guards have been searching desperately to discover any clues of this plot, but have been unsuccesful as of yet.

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