Lyngaeli's Nightmare

Designed by Nykaul
  • Rooms: 161
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 23-31
  • Medium Groups: 20-25
  • Large Groups: 17-24

  • Description:
    "As soon as her head touched the velvet pillow she fell into a long and deep slumber. Over the years, people came from near and far to revive her, but not one eyelash blinked; not one person was able to rouse her."

    Lyngaeli pulled the bedcovers up to her chin as she sat, listening to her mother retell her favorite bedtime story. Although she had heard it many times, Lyngaeli still jumped with fright at the appearance of Persylne, the evil warlock who cast a spell on the heroine, or cooed when Prince Valyneli rushed in on his trusty steed.

    "Again! Again, please mother," she cried as the story ended. Her mother simply shook her head, pressing a single finger to the child's lips.

    "Dearheart," her mother responded, "the point of the story is to make you sleep, not get you into such a rage. Lay back now, close your eyes, and I shall tell you a new story."

    All excited, Lyngaeli clapped her hands in delight before obeying her mother. Lying back in bed, she closed her eyes very tight. "I'm ready!" the small girl exclaimed.

    Leaning forward, her mother placed a tender kiss on her forehead, whispering, "remember, dearheart, don't open your eyes, the time has come for you to sleep now."

    With that her mother stood, rolling back her shoulders until the knitted shawl fell to the floor. Maybe it was a trick of the light, no one knows for sure, but some say she sprouted wings and a tail and flames shot out of her mouth. All we really know is that Lyngaeli was tricked just like her favorite bedtime story. With just a few muttered incantations, she fell into a long, deep slumber, and still sleeps to this day, caught in an eternal nightmare from which she cannot wake.

    Smiling sweetly, Haelesha tucked in the bedcovers around her son after finishing the story, asking "Had enough, or do you want to hear a new story?"

    The gentle sounds of sleeping were enough of an answer. As Haelesha leant forward to extinguish the candle beside the bed, her shawl may have slipped to reveal a leathery wing, but then - it's only a bedtime story.

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