Den of the Necromancer

Designed by Restiana
  • Rooms: 219
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: NR
  • Medium Groups: 30-31
  • Large Groups: 28-31

  • Description:
    Somewhere below the Swamp of Thanos is a murky tunnel system, crawling with vile and deadly creatures. This is the domain of Thanos, the Master Necromancer, lord of death and stealer of souls. Avoid hungry snappers, dodge a lurker's deadly embrace, and defeat fiery harginn. If you're good, you might make it as far as Thanos' four lieutenants. And if you're REALLY good, you'll have the honor of being killed by Thanos himself...

  • Nobody walks out of Thanos' realm alive. The key word here is "walks".
  • You CAN use the Transport spell from within the zone. You just have to figure out where the recall point is, and visit there first.
  • There is a high mana regeneration room in the Genesis Pit.
  • It would be a bad idea to use any keys right before a repop.
  • Sometimes a zone has a red herring in it
  • It is possible to run away from Neifirst - if you've made the proper preparations.
  • To avoid being frozen by the Ildriss, wear equipment that provides protection against paralyzation.
  • The secret to surviving a battle against the Keeper of the Vault is in knowing how to stop him from freeing the souls from their bottles.
  • Coordination and discipline are essential to winning the final battle against Thanos.
  • A mummified head makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

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